COBOL/RPG IV Analyst Course for IBM i


10-day course to get in touch with the IBM i operating system and its main features, including its associated programming languages (Cobol, ILE, RPG) and the DB2 database built into the operating system. The topics to be covered are fully customizable


  • Introduction to IBM Power Systems and IBM i
  • Operations on IBM i systems (also called Power, iSeries, System i, and AS/400).
  • Job management, menu creation and system changes that will make system operation tasks easier.
  • Copying and recovering the IBM i system, ensuring business continuity
  • CL programming for IBM i system control
  • Programming in RPG IV
  • Basic DB2 management with SQL
  • Integrated Language (I.L.E.) for IBM i systems
  • COBOL programming in an IBM i environment
  • System securization and monitoring
  • Problem determination and resolution


Users with less than one year of experience on IBM i.

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