IBM Spectrum Computing (LSF) for HPC + Storage Scale (GPFS)


IBM Spectrum Computing (LSF) Consulting Specialized in IBM Spectrum Computing (LSF)

Our team of highly trained and certified IBM Spectrum Computing (LSF) consultants is ready to guide you in the design, implementation and optimization of your HPC clusters. From initial configuration to management and scaling, we provide you with the best practices and expertise to ensure your HPC environment runs efficiently and reliably.

    • HPC cluster design and planning services.
    • Custom implementation and configuration of IBM Spectrum Computing.
    • Performance optimization for specific workloads.
    • Ongoing training and support for administrators and users.
    • Integration with SLRUM

IBM Spectrum Computing Technical Support (LSF)

We recognize the critical importance of keeping your HPC systems running smoothly. Our technical support team is available to provide fast and effective assistance, ensuring uninterrupted operational continuity and minimizing any potential downtime.

    • Remote and on-site technical support.
    • Troubleshooting and incident diagnosis.
    • System updates and patches.
    • Proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance
    • L3 Technical Support for Red Hat, Rocky, Alma, Ubuntu and SUSE Linux

LSF + IBM Spectrum Scale Implementation and Optimization

In addition to our capabilities in IBM Spectrum Computing (LSF), we are also experts in IBM Storage Scale (GPFS), a complementary solution for high-performance distributed parallel storage. Our team can help you implement and optimize IBM Spectrum Scale, enabling you to manage large volumes of data with ease and efficiency.

    • Design and deployment of scalable storage solutions.
    • IBM Spectrum Scale configuration and optimization.
    • Integration with your existing HPC clusters.
    • Seamless data migration and transfer.
    • Acquisition and commissioning of new IBM Power and Lenovo servers

Why choose SIXE?

At SIXE, we pride ourselves on being an industry leader in the field of HPC consulting and IBM Spectrum Computing solutions. Our passion for technology, combined with years of experience and expertise, allows us to deliver outstanding results to our customers.

  • Certified experts: Our team consists of IBM Spectrum Computing (LSF) and IBM Spectrum Scale certified consultants and technicians, ensuring a high level of knowledge and experience.
  • Personalized approach: We understand that each client has unique needs. Therefore, we tailor our solutions and services to meet your specific requirements.
  • Ongoing support: We are committed to maintaining a long-term relationship with our customers. We offer ongoing technical support and upgrades to ensure success over time.
  • Proven results: We have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to improve the efficiency and performance of our customers’ HPC environments, enabling them to reach new levels of productivity.
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