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“The salesperson tricked me” or why you need a Technology Radar service.

The title of this article, “The salesperson tricked me,” is one of the most common beginnings of our conversations with new customers. Large projects with little return, if not omitting key information that if known would have changed the course of strategic technology decisions. Incredible specifications where someone forgets about the professional services necessary for the solution to be implemented, or the correct training of the personnel who will operate it in the coming years.

These three examples are based on real events:

  1. “We spent 6 figures on a cybersecurity solution and did not know that we had another 80% of investments to make in human capital, training, technical support and additional professional services in order to take advantage of its functionalities. We also did not know if after 3 years the licensing would expire, if we could stop renewing the maintenance with the manufacturer or if there was third party support to ensure the proper functioning and security of the environment. If we had known this, we would have opted for another solution or requested a higher quote.”
  2. “We bought a record booth, and now when we expand it a year later they tell me it’s cheaper to buy a new one and I don’t get it – didn’t they know that when they sold it to us?”
  3. “The new CTO wants to move certain services to the cloud after being convinced by a commercial presentation from our trusted technology provider, but we have doubts about the long-term impacts. We need to do an impact and risk analysis on the business, as well as choose vendor and architecture… being able to predict costs 5 years out.”

For these and other cases, our new
Technology Radar service
service helps organizations to successfully address their projects.

How do we do it?

Identifying trends

The technology radar service can continuously monitor the market and relevant industries to identify trends and emerging technologies.

Neutral evaluation of technologies

The service can evaluate and compare different technologies and solutions to determine which is the best option to meet the organization’s needs.

Suggesting how to prioritize projects

By having a complete view of available technologies and their potential impact, the technology radar service can help the organization prioritize and plan its technology projects.

Helping to make the right decisions with the right advice

With the information and knowledge provided by the technology radar service, the organization can make informed decisions about technology investments and how to integrate new solutions into its processes.

In short, a valuable resource to help a large organization successfully address their technology-related projects by providing them with a complete and up-to-date view of the market and technology trends.

Some types of customers and how they benefit from a Technology Radar

  1. Banking: The banking sector faces the challenges of digitization and the need to improve efficiency and security. Our technology radar service can help the bank evaluate available technologies to improve processes and protect sensitive customer data.
  2. Pharma: The pharmaceutical industry is faced with the need to research and develop new drugs at a rapid pace. Technologies related to drug research and development, including artificial intelligence and bioinformatics, require increasingly powerful and complex infrastructures in a market that is still very immature. In addition, cybersecurity is a key and transversal aspect to protect the intellectual property on which the business is based.
  3. Industrial sector: Industry is facing the need to improve efficiency and sustainability in its production. Evaluating technologies related to production and logistics, including robotics and automation is key to success in the medium term.
  4. Public administrations: Budget constraints, staff turnover and legacy systems make it difficult to develop medium- and long-term plans.

Responses to organizational challenges

Our Technology Radar service can help these organizations make the right decisions and face three types of fundamental challenges:


By having a complete and up-to-date view of available technologies, our technology radar service can help organizations prioritize and plan their technology investments, ensuring that they invest in solutions that truly solve their problems and improve their processes.

Technical debt

By evaluating and comparing different technologies, our technology radar service can help organizations avoid technical debt, i.e. the accumulation of solutions that are obsolete, inadequate or cannot be exploited autonomously due to a lack of in-house capabilities.

Computer security

By continuously analyzing the market and relevant industries, we can help organizations stay on top of threats and vulnerabilities in terms of IT security and take measures to protect their systems and sensitive data. We can also help organizations identify appropriate security solutions to protect their systems and ensure the privacy and confidentiality of information.

In short, our Technology Radar service can help a large organization successfully address its technology-related projects by providing an up-to-date and objective view of available technologies and how they can be used to improve processes and protect information. As an external and neutral agent, our technology radar service can help organizations make informed decisions, optimize budget and make the best decisions in the long term. Contact us!

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