Oracle SE & EE on IBM Power10

Reduces the cost of licenses, equipment and processors. Consolidate your environments. Improve the performance and security of your databases.

IBM and Oracle were (and still are, albeit less publicly) great technology allies. Tens of thousands of Oracle databases are running on IBM AIX worldwide, accompanied by an increasing number of new deployments on Red Hat and SUSE Linux.

The Power10 servers in question have a performance of up to 800GB/s of bandwidth between sockets and memory and a performance per core between 2 and 4 times higher than x86. If we add to this the 8 threads of execution (SMT8) and that Oracle is licensed per processor the accounts seem clear.

In addition, the PowerVM hypervisor allows you to assign the exact capacity needed by each of the virtual processors, avoiding exceeding existing licenses and allowing you to share (and use) all your capacity in the most efficient way possible.

Oracle at Power is compatibility, security and performance.

Linux on Power is security with no vulnerability detected in the PowerVM hypervisor since its release more than 20 years ago and the ability to encrypt all data including memory, performance (up to 8 threads per core), unmatched performance thanks to an architecture where there are no bottlenecks between sockets and memory and full compatibility with all official Red Hat and SUSE software repositories.

Free license audit and viability analysis

By deploying Oracle on Power, significant savings can be achieved in both the HW required and licensing. Request a free, no-obligation assessment.

IBM certified servers to virtualize as many Oracle instances as you need

IBM markets 2-socket, 24-core S1024 servers with 512GB to 8TB of RAM designed to consolidate Oracle databases and save a lot of money on licensing. These databases can run on AIX, our preferred operating system for Oracle and with the highest levels of stability, performance and security, but also on Red Hat and SUSE Linux.

Easy migration from x86 and sparc to ppc64le

If you already have Oracle on x86 or SPARC (Windows, Solaris or Linux), the migration to ppc64le (AIX and Linux) is very easy. At Sixe we teach you how to do it or if you need it, we help you with our professional services and subsequent preventive maintenance and technical support.

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