HCL Unica Campaign (ex IBM UNICA Marketing Platform)

Efficiently managing your company’s marketing campaigns is now more than ever at your fingertips. Unica Campaign is the advanced campaign management solution that delivers customer segmentation at any scale, from hundreds to millions of records. Powerful segmentation capabilities are available for executing and tracking your business initiatives.

  • Unify the management of your company’s marketing campaign design and implementation cycles. Forget about excel tables, hundreds of emails and complex tools that only allow partial management.
  • Manage the entire logic of a campaign, including audience segmentation, exclusions, and bid and channel assignment.
  • Use, reuse, and control components for campaign design, including audience type, segments, offers, treatments, and opt-out rules.
  • Integrate the mechanisms (queries, databases, methodologies, security policies, etc) that you have already developed.

Optimize your marketing investment

Higher response rates: Run targeted campaigns with speed and increase your response rates by 10% to 50%.

Shorter campaign cycles: Reduce your time to launch campaigns and lower the cost of customer acquisition by 25% to 75%.

Enhance your brand image: Strengthen loyalty and retention with targeted campaigns that increase lift and overall ROI.

Need help?

Our team is specialized in UNICA Campaign installation, migration, auditing, consulting and training. We are official IBM training providers and HCL partners.

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