Software-defined storage with IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS)

Organizations and companies are creating, analyzing, and saving more data than ever before. Those who are able to gain knowledge faster and manage infrastructure growth are industry leaders. We present the software that will help you achieve it.

What is IBM Storage Scale?

It is the software-defined storage solution based on IBM’s GPFS (General Parallel File System) file system and until March 2023 called IBM Spectrum Scale. A 100% POSIX-compliant system that allows concurrent access to all data from as many nodes as needed, avoiding the traditional performance and integrity issues of traditional network shared file systems. IBM Spectrum Scale allows you to define clusters of servers that will have control of the data and hundreds or thousands of clients that will not even need access to the disks, being able to use different protocols such as NFS, SWIFT or CIFS to access the files through high-speed networks, using these protocols as “connectors” but without most of their own limitations: with high availability, maximum performance and concurrent access without data loss.

Which solutions use IBM Storage Scale (GPFS)?

Supercomputing clusters (governments, pharmaceutical companies, financial companies, universities), through massive data analysis (traditional and object-based), machine learning applications but also simple NFS or CIFS environments with performance and high availability requirements are examples of use cases for IBM Spectrum Scale in the world.

Our Storage Scale Services (GPFS)

  • Technical presentation of the product
  • Validation of customer needs
  • Development of a technology implementation, migration and operation plan.
  • Design of the required architecture for the environment
  • Choice of the most convenient and economical licensing system
  • Preparation of environments: AIX, SUSE or RHEL (x86 or ppc64le)
  • GPFS cluster configuration and commissioning
  • Integration of customer applications and workloads
  • Performance testing
  • Hot migration from NFS or traditional file systems
  • Preparation and delivery of project documentation
  • IBM official training (optional)
  • Preventive maintenance and annual technical support (optional)
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