Comprehensive cybersecurity solution for Industry 4.0

You’ve probably heard of Industry 4.0 or even the Fourth Revolution of the Industrial sector. Both are ways to describe the transformation process in which our entire productive fabric is immersed. A central element of this transformation has to do with massive data analysis and the emergence of artificial intelligence. There is also another lesser-known facet. One facet that has to do with the large number of interconnected devices and the security risks involved. That’s why industrial cybersecurity has become a central element for the continuity of any business. We do this with two disruptive and complementary solutions: QRadar SIEM and Indegy ICS that we will talk about later.

We do so because in our organizations there is a tendency to break the traditional barriers or segmentations between so-called industrial control systems and traditional computing environments (communications networks, servers, laptops ) common to the technology industry, generating new challenges and threats that are yet to be solved.

An example of this is that episodes like Wannacry that affected personal computers are world famous. Others like Stuxnet designed to damage critical nuclear power production infrastructure systems are less well known. You don’t have to go that far to understand the challenge we face. A simple sensor that can be fraudulently accessed from the internet can cause serious interruption on a production line, environmental damage or worse, or failures in hospital life support systems.

Is my business at risk?

The short answer is that probably. Countless attacks have emerged in recent years using less-known protocols and devices in the IT world but ubiquitous in any modern industry. We’re talking about components like PLC’s and RTU’s. Systems designed to control physical components such as valves, pumps, motors and systems in real time. Not forgetting the new sensors, cameras and countless connected devices (IoT). Many of these devices communicate through proprietary protocols and are prone to custom attacks. They also suffer other vulnerabilities arising from lack of authentication, backdoors or lack of encryption. No less worrying are the various custom attacks for physical component control that are offered for a few hundred dollars on the DeepWeb. If the security measures are adequate your data and equipment may soon be at risk.

Worst of all, these environments are often not properly integrated into the organization’s suite of cybersecurity solutions. This means that existing security devices: firewalls, IDS, DMZ, log collectors, antivirus, and SIEM tools do not help much.

Each sector has specific needs

  • Banca

    Banca y sector financiero

  • Salud

    Hospitales e infraestructura sanitaria

  • Energía

    Plantas de energía, redes de distribución y transformación

  • Transporte

    Transporte y sector aeroespacial

  • Industria

    Fábricas y centros de producción

But all industrial control systems can be affected by cyber-threats of different kinds

Sabotage, theft of information, fraud, blackmail, economic damage for the company. This ranges from stopping entire production lines, non-compliance with state or international regulations, theft of confidential and industrial property information. Also fraud, blackmail and countless economic and reputational risks for organizations.

That’s why we provide specific services and technologies to secure industrial environments and protect critical infrastructures. We do this from a unique perspective that allows you to unify the IT and OT environments into one cybersecurity operations center (SoC). Avoiding duplication, reducing costs and, fundamentally, providing visibility, control and security to your entire infrastructure.

Our services

  • Monitorización

    Controle su infraestructura en tiempo real.

  • Alerta temprana

    Ante un incidente grave unos minutos puede marcan la diferencia

  • Protección de sistemas

    Detecte y reaccione en tiempo real ante vulnerabilidades críticas

  • Control de usuarios

    Analíticas avanzadas para detectar comportamientos sospechosos

  • Formación y consultoría

    Formamos a su equipo para que trabaje con total autonomía

  • Soporte

    In-situ o en remoto

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