Meet MEDIGATE our cybersecurity solution for hospitals and medical centers

In the hospital and health sector in general, having a modern, advanced, automated, easy-to-use and fully integrated cybersecurity solution with all systems (doctors, computer and personal devices) is a fundamental need that covers the pioneering technology developed by MEDIGATE. The latest attacks IoT (Internet of Things) and MIoT (Medical INternet of Things) systems of hospitals around the world demonstrate that it is time to invest in the protection of patient information, such as clinical histories or diagnostic test results, but also in making safe diagnostic tools, communications between components and above all , life support solutions.

Take automatic inventories and intelligently manage all your devices

How long a year is a radiation therapy device used? Which devices work best? Which ones have the most breakdowns? Are they all just as safe? If we only have a limited budget, what would be the best way to use it? How many IoT and MIoT devices do we have? Is it possible to update them? What time should we schedule the most critical maintenance so they don’t affect hospital service? Easily and intuitively turn these and other data into reports to send to the people responsible for the acquisitions, maintenance, security, and operations of each computer or environment. MEDIGATE gives us the answers to these and other similar questions. With advanced analytics, you can optimize your operations, investments and the time of your support teams.

Successfully address the challenges and risks of managing electronic devices

Technical challenges

  • Increased connectivity of both old and modern IoMT medical devices
  • There is no security by design as no one designed an ultrasound to withstand a cyberattack :)
  • There is no up-to-date and integrated online inventory of devices: diagnostic tools, personal and corporate mobiles, PCs, servers, Wi-Fi networks, etc. Existing vulnerability scanning tools are irrelevant to the healthcare environment. Who knows how an x-ray device communicates?
  • Diversity of manufacturers and devices operating systems and a number of unknown dedicated and private protocols in the IT world Lack of manufacturer patches or if there are, it is unknown whether or how they are installed

Challenges for the organization

  • Shared responsibility for the security of IoMT medical devices between the computer management of the medical center and the possible departments of systems, infrastructure, computer security. not forgetting service and maintenance companies.
  • MiOT devices are mission-critical environments. The health and even life of patients depends on their proper functioning.
  • Agent-based solutions are not possible for robotics, imaging systems, or employee personal devices.

Addressing concrete threats

  • A local hospital or health center has a very high number of attack vectors. A classic server-based antivirus or security doesn’t protect the most valuable and critical assets such as personal data or life support systems
  • Easy access to the network of unknown and potentially dangerous devices
  • Devices known to be vulnerable are unsused and fully exposed to third-party attacks.

Integration with IT cybersecurity solutions

  • Integrates seamlessly with SIEM solutions such as IBM QRadar
  • Works in conjunction with Checkpoint’s IoT security solutions
  • It is fully compatible with Forescout

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Some data to reflect on


Average days to detect unauthorized access to patient and employee data


IoT devices are related to health by 2022

+ 3.700.000

Medical devices are connected and monitoring patients today


It is the average use of electronic devices in a hospital

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