IBM AIX Certified Administrator Training Workshop

Presentation and objectives

We offer an eminently practical workshop to successfully overcome the AIX Administrator V2 certification. The course can be delivered both intensively in a single week and distributed over a month in order to be able to reconcile it with other tasks. We offer you all the help you need to pass this challenging exam including practices in IBM Power environments with AIX 7, support materials, tutoring and classroom (or remote) classes with one of our certified instructors and more than 15 years of Experience. Once the training is completed, a workshop will be offered at no additional cost, where different test models will be solved and verified.


  • AIX Systems Architecture
  • Use of the HMC and basic operations on LPARs
  • Installing the operating system
  • Using the console and scripting
  • System administration
  • Storage Management and ODM
  • Setting up the communications network
  • Security and users
  • Workload partitions
  • Problem determination
  • Fault tolerance and performance adjustment
  • Best practices
  • Correcting exams type and resolution of doubts


Linux or UNIX experienced users who want to be certified.

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