OpenShift 4. Course of architecture, operations and advanced administration.

This training is designed for Linux system administrators. During this course you will deploy your own Red Hat deployment® OpenShift Container Platform in a simple way through an eminently practical workshop created from our experience as trainers and consultants of Cloud, Linux and DevOps.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is a technology that automates the lifecycle of your applications including deployment, upgrade, and maintenance. With OpenShift you will have a container-based platform compatible public, hybrid or private cloud platform. Based on Kubernetes and with safety as a transverse element. After many months of development we offer this training designed to meet the needs of the systems management teams that want to adopt this solution.


  • Introduction to container-based application platforms. Dockers, Kubernetes and OpenShift V4.1
  • Solution architecture
  • Installation of openshift-based demo environment. Platform startup and stop.
  • Using the Admin Panel (Web and Console)
  • Project and user management
  • Deploying and managing your own applications
  • Persistent storage usage
  • Deploying and managing existing applications via Docker-Hub
  • Security and communications
  • Open laboratory
  • Certifications available

Note:Red Hat® is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc. Sixe Engineering does not currently have a link with the Red Hat training department. We exclusively offers tailor-made training and consulting with own-made materials, purchased from third parties or with open licenses.


Systems administrators, architects and pre-sales engineers with extensive UNIX or Linux experience with or without experience in dockers and kubernetes. For new administrators we recommend taking one of our intensive GNU/Linux management courses first.

Duration of the course

The course is usually taught as a workshop of 2-3 days. There is the possibility to divide it into two separate modules: Architecture and operations (2 days) and platform administration (2 days). The contents and duration of the course can be modified at the request of our customers.


All our training is delivered directly by our engineers. Only in this way can we guarantee the highest quality of our courses. The materials and laboratories we use are of our own making and based on our experience during the deployments, migrations and courses we have conducted over the last 12 years.