Tenable OT, Security and Auditing of Industrial Devices

Our industrial device integrity and security monitoring solution enables you to monitor and respond in real time to all types of threats

The challenges of OT security in critical infrastructures

Modern industrial systems based on SCADA, PLCs and DCS designed to operate in a “disconnected” manner are vulnerable to countless external attacks but also to internal threats. Some examples would be problems related to firmware levels, changes in configurations, loading code that can cause problems, and human errors during installation, configuration, maintenance, and upgrades.

Without a comprehensive solution designed specifically for these devices and the proprietary protocols used by Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider Electric, Emerson or General Electric. IT security tools cannot “penetrate” this world or provide the real-time information needed to respond to the various risks and threats efficiently and, above all, in real time.

The latest technology at your disposal

Thanks to several patented industrial device integrity monitoring functionalities you will be informed of all the details of every single device in your OT network including firmware levels, changes in the operating code or configurations in anticipation of any potential incident.

We also offer you the possibility of integrating this technology with a SIEM, through our comprehensive IT/OT cybersecurity solution with Tenable and QRadar.

tenable ot security solution

Tenable OT Components

Our solution, based on Tenable OT technology, consists of its unique hybrid threat detection engine for industrial environments. A platform that allows you to ensure the integrity and security of all industrial control devices by combining:

  • An active detection system that accesses each device to gather critical information to detect potential code or configuration changes that pose risks to your IoT and industrial control system.
  • A passive sensing system, which captures traces of all data travelling through the network providing valuable real-time information about the entire SCADA / ICSenvironment.
  • A hybrid detection system, with IT technology for IoT devices.

What does our solution provide?

Full visibility

Converged OT infrastructures require protection beyond the OT assets themselves. In many customers, almost half of the OT environment is made up of traditional IT systems. Tenable OT technology, developed by the startup Indegy, is capable of protecting both types of environments.

Risk-based, prioritized and prioritized vulnerability information

Tenable.ot’s Vulnerability Priority Rating (VPR) detects and ranks vulnerabilities according to their impact. With real-time information about your network and devices, you’ll always know what risks you’re exposed to, so you can DECIDE where to prioritize your security efforts in the face of new IT and OT threats in real time, so you’re always up to date and protected.

Unified OT, IoT, and IT Security

Tenable OT offers complete protection at full coverage of the entire so-called “attack surface”. Any connection, IT, IoT and OT device, network or technology will be monitored eliminating the traditional “blind spots” of industrial networks.

Each sector has specific needs

  • Banca

    Banca y sector financiero

  • Salud

    Hospitales e infraestructura sanitaria

  • Energía

    Plantas de energía, redes de distribución y transformación

  • Transporte

    Transporte y sector aeroespacial

  • Industria

    Fábricas y centros de producción

Our added value

Unified control of all your industrial control devices

Same contract that includes deployment, licensing, training, and support.

Services executed directly by our certified engineers

Integration with SoC and SIEM

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