QRadar SIEM / XDR is our choice

If you are concerned about the security of your organization and need the best cybersecurity solution look no further. IBM QRadar SIEM is a market-leading product that collects, normalizes and correlates raw data to identify security incidents. It is the leading solution in the main SoC’s (Security Operations Centers) in the world. We support you at every stage: from initial design to training your staff, through initial configuration, integration with your systems and performance tuning.

Why QRadar?

QRadar SIEM / XDR is a simple to use, intuitive and very powerful tool capable of meeting the needs of medium and large organizations. Thanks to its advanced engine, it is able to establish baselines that serve as a reference on the normal behavior of the monitored systems, detect anomalies, discover advanced threats and eliminate false positives. In our opinion, its competitors are far behind in terms of advanced capabilities and scalability.

Thanks to its advanced design, you will be able to correlate vulnerabilities in your systems with events from logs and network traffic, helping to prioritize the most relevant security incidents. Every day thousands of security-related events occur, among which it is often difficult to select and prioritize the most relevant ones in terms of risk and business impact. QRadar integrates with IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence, accessing an always up-to-date list of potentially dangerous IP addresses including malware hosts, spam sources and other threats.

Finally, QRadar is not only a SIEM product, it is also a framework that integrates perfectly with the rest of the IBM Security suite solutions and other manufacturers, with various extensions QVM (QRadar Vulnerability Manager), Risk Manager, Incident Forensics and third-party plugins.


Whatever the scope of the project and the size of your organization, we can help you. From designing and implementing a first SOC for your organization to complex integrations with tools that automate threat detection and suppression processes based on SOAR (IBM SOAR / Resilient) and machine learning technologies.

and reaching up to IBM Cloud Pak for Security

IBM’s security-as-a-service solution, fully integrated on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, based on IBM Resilient / SOAR and with hundreds of integrations (AWS, Azure, etc).

For all sectors and environments

Our clients are industries, pharmaceutical companies, banks and insurance companies. But also public administrations and SMEs. We adapt to the specific OT and OT cybersecurity needs of each organization, proposing and integrating different solutions in QRadar SIEM / XDR from manufacturers such as Tenable, Nozomi Networks, Qualsys or Rapid7.

Services tailored to the needs of our customers

We sell, deploy, migrate and maintain up-to-date QRadar XDR installations. Our services include technical support through different options: monthly contracts, hourly contracts and turnkey projects. We collaborate with both end customers and companies offering managed services that can benefit from our experience and know-how.

Do you need training? Check our courses of
cybersecurity analyst,
QVM and preparation for certifications certifications. All our training offer is fully adaptable to the needs of each of our clients.

We help you set up your SOC (Security Operations Center)

It takes several years and a lot of talent to get a SoC up and running and to make it work. We help you through the whole process, from the training of the teams to the start-up of the service to which we can continue to provide L3 technical support for as long as necessary.

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