Education and consulting services

  • We train your teams to successfully carry out your projects. No intermediaries.
  • With courses, workshops and consulting sessions given directly by our team.
  • Experts in IBM, Red Hat, SUSE, Lenovo, Canonical and HCL

Training tailored to each team and project needs

Each company, department, circumstance and people in a team are unique. From our experience managing projects, we know that the challenge of training and retaining technical talent in organizations is no small matter.

In a market where 95% of training companies have never had a trainer on staff, what can you expect from the courses they deliver? Luck: both for the instructor, who will rarely know what is expected of his or her work beyond covering X number of topics, and also for the client, who will not be guaranteed a reasonable return on investment.

Against this backdrop, at Sixe we propose training plans that adapt to your organization’s needs in terms of content, method, approach, and above all, from the knowledge and support to the needs of each project.

We are committed to helping our customers to create the equipment they need with the human capital they already have, together with our experience in different technologies and our trajectory as a reference company in the world of technical training.

What are our courses like?

  • Classroom, distance or hybrid format. In Spanish, English or French.

  • With lots of practice and real-world examples. Our experience is the basis of our courses.

  • Quality training with groups of a maximum of 8 participants

  • Dedicated and fun labs available 24x7

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