Fly with SAP HANA on IBM Power10

Meet the H1022 and H1024 servers, designed for SAP HANA at an unbeatable price.

SAP HANA’s total in-memory execution technology is innovative, but to take advantage of its benefits it is imperative that it runs on the right hardware.

In Power Systems you can run multiple SAP HANA productive instances on a single server because it is the only architecture that ensures maximum availability and minimizes or eliminates restarts.

In terms of performance, with 800GB/s of bandwidth between sockets (up to 240 cores / 16 sockets) and memory (up to 64TB), it is possible to guarantee maximum performance when and where it is needed.

Linux in Power compatibility, security and performance

Linux on Power is security with no vulnerability detected in the PowerVM hypervisor since its release more than 20 years ago and the ability to encrypt all data including memory, performance (up to 8 threads per core), unmatched performance thanks to an architecture where there are no bottlenecks between sockets and memory and full compatibility with all official Red Hat and SUSE software repositories.

From our point of view there are 6 key advantages of SAP HANA on Power10.

  1. Better performance: The ppc64le architecture often offers improved performance compared to the x86 architecture, with about twice the capacity per thread and four times the bandwidth between sockets and memory.
  2. Cost reduction: The ppc64le architecture is often more efficient in terms of power consumption and better utilization of CPUs that are also much more powerful. This makes it easier to reduce energy and licensing costs for SAP HANA.
  3. Greater scalability: The ppc64le architecture is more scalable than the x86 architecture and can therefore better handle traffic growth and demand.
  4. Better technical support: The ppc64le architecture is a widely used and supported platform, with a broad knowledge base and resources available. In addition, as it is a unified architecture with HW, hypervisor, operating systems and SAP support, support is simpler and more efficient, with fewer problems for administrators and simplified maintenance.
  5. Security first: The ppc64le architecture has a focus on built-in security, which can help to better protect critical data and information.

In summary, migrating SAP from x86 to ppc64le can offer a number of advantages, including improved performance, reduced costs, increased scalability, better technical support and significantly improved infrastructure security.

Free license audit and viability analysis

By deploying SAP HANA on Power, significant savings can be achieved in both the HW required and licensing. Request a free, no-obligation assessment.

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SAP-certified servers to virtualize as many HANA instances as you need

  • L1022 1-socket and L1024 2-socket servers, with between 6 and 48 CPUs (SMT 4/8) and up to 8TB of RAM at a reduced price).
  • 4-socket E1050 servers / up to 24 to 96 CPUs (SMT 4/8) and 16TB of RAM
  • E1080 servers with up to 16 sockets, 240 cores (SMT 4/8) and 64 TB of RAM

Supported Operating Systems: AIX, Linux (Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu) and IBM i

Deployment in private and hybrid cloud formats

Power systems are certified by SAP to run multiple SAP HANA environments on the same physical server. Start saving on licenses, improve performance and reduce maintenance costs of your SAP infrastructure. In addition, thanks to Red Hat Ansible and PowerVC, it is possible to deploy SAP HANA environments at the click of a button, thanks to a fully automated and OpenStack-compatible private or hybrid cloud.

You can also have the excess capacity on your servers for IBM i, AIX, and Linux environments by reducing TCO to more than attractive levels.

Easy migration from x86 to ppc64le

If you already have SAP HANA on x86 the migration to ppc64le is very easy. At Sixe we teach you how to do it or if you need it, we help you with our professional services and subsequent preventive maintenance and technical support.

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