HCL AppScan

AppScan enables your organization to deliver secure applications at high speed. Ready to integrate with Jenkins and containers based on OpenShift and Kubernetes.

Detecting application vulnerabilities before they become a problem, remediating them while they are still cheap to fix, and ensuring regulatory compliance are the goals of HCL AppScan. By integrating HCL AppScan into your DevOps software development and deployment process, HCL AppScan provides solutions to security vulnerabilities detected during the development of each new release of your products.

AppScan provides a variety of application scans to its users so that they can choose the scan that helps their product in the best possible way. There are four editions that can be licensed together or separately:

HCL Appscan standard (SAST and DAST)

Reduces the likelihood of web attacks and stops leaks of valuable data by performing automated security tests in advance. Assists in managing security vulnerabilities by performing automated white box, black box, dynamic application security testing (DAST), and static advanced analysis testing (SAST) on the application. This version protects web pages and web services (JSON / RESTFUL APIS)

HCL Appscan on the cloud

Provides a single platform for identifying system vulnerabilities for cloud or hybrid environments. This service encompasses several security scanning techniques adapted to these types of services. HCL Appscan provides you with mobile application scanning for vulnerabilities as well as scanning of production and pre-production prototypes using black box testing techniques. It also offers scanning of data streams through white-box testing and the creation of detailed reports of security vulnerabilities and solutions to existing problems. Appscan in the cloud offers a large number of APIs for custom integrations.

HCL Appscan Source

It becomes a part of the software testing process, works in static application security testing (SAST) and helps you identify existing issues in the product before deployment. It also provides you with the solution to the problems that exist in the system. Appscan provides you with a deeply integrated application security solution that can benefit a wide range of products and applications. It also provides better visibility into processes and issues in the system.

HCL Appscan enterprise

It is a large-scale, enterprise-level dynamic software that is capable of performing application scanning that can be very useful depending on the product that requires testing. Like all other scans, this scan also provides software testing using the latest methods and algorithms. In addition, it provides the necessary solutions to solve the problems that exist in the product. Appscan enterprise allows you to integrate and test all the applications of an organization. Development and security teams collaborate to test the product throughout its lifecycle. It also incorporates application security testing into DevOps.

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