IBM QRadar SIEM 7.4.1 Installation and Administration Course

Three-day course to learn how to successfully install, configure, and manage QRadar SIEM. Aimed at staff with previous experience in QRadar either as analysts, security architects or technical pre-sales. This training is offered in both face-to-face and remote format. The course begins with installing IBM QRadar SIEM v7.4 from scratch and configuring all the components required for this SIEM solution.


Security analysts and SIEM tool managers with some experience at QRadar. For new users it is recommended to take the QRadar SIEM threat and opercation analysis course in advance


  • Installation of IBM QRadar SIEM 7.5.2
  • Migrating and upgrading from previous versions
  • Deploying collectors and event processors
  • Install and manage automatic updates of QRadar SIEM assets
  • Configure QRadar backup and restore policies
  • Leverage QRadar management tools to add, review, and interpret metrics
  • Use network hierarchy objects to manage SIEM QRadar objects and groups
  • Manage QRadar hosts and licenses and deploy assets
  • Monitor the status of resources in a QRadar deployment
  • Configure system settings and asset profiles
  • Configure the reasons QRadar administrators use to close crimes
  • Create and manage reference sets
  • Create the credentials used to perform authenticated scans
  • Manage, route, and store event and flow data
  • Use domains in QRadar SIEM to act as a filter for events, flows, scanners, assets, rules, violations, and retention policies.
  • Set up user accounts, including user profiles, authentication, and authorizations
  • Manage custom properties for assets, events, and flows
  • Manage QRadar log sources
  • Manage QRadar flow sources
  • QRadar QVM integration
  • Manage groups that monitor Internet networks and services
  • Use of fundamental plugins and modules: QRadar Advisor, Use Cases and User Behaviour Analytics
  • Problem determination
  • Performance tuning


All our courses are taught by our IBM certified instructors and SME. We also conduct tailor-made training, seminars and technical talks. On this website you have more information about it.


This course is especially suitable for people interested in applying to the QRadar SIEM Deployment Professional exam

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