IBM Storage Ceph (formerly Red Hat Ceph) Hands-on Course

New course updated to the latest version of IBM Storage Ceph 6.1, released in August 2023.

Audience and course objectives

This course is designed for IT professionals, system administrators, and solution architects looking to both deepen their knowledge of managing and optimizing storage solutions with IBM Storage Ceph (formerly known as Red Hat Ceph).


Fundamentals of Ceph. Deploying the solution

  • Introduction to Ceph Architecture
    • Data organization, distribution and access methods
  • Ceph deployment
    • Cluster implementation and management
  • Ceph Cluster Configuration
    • Primary settings, use of monitors and cluster network design
  • Creation of Object Storage Components
    • OSD management, pools and cluster authorization method

Ceph. administration. Main use cases

  • Configuration of Storage Maps
    • Adjustment of CRUSH and OSD maps to meet performance and redundancy requirements
  • Block Storage with RADOS Devices
    • Block storage configuration for Windows, Linux and AIX clients
  • Object Storage with RADOS Gateway
    • Object storage configuration for Windows, Linux and AIX clients
  • File Storage with CephFS
    • File storage configuration for Windows, Linux and AIX clients
  • Ceph Cluster Management
    • Cluster monitoring and maintenance tools
  • Ceph tuning and troubleshooting
    • Identification and adjustment of key performance metrics
  • Integration of Cloud Platforms with Ceph
    • Learn how to integrate Cepth with your cloud infrastructure for scalable and highly available storage.

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Course length and delivery options

This course is given in 2-3 days from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm or in intensive morning format, both in Europe and in America. It can be done in person at the client’s facilities in our offices in Madrid, as well as through the Zoom virtual classroom.

Our added value

Our courses are deeply oriented to the role to play. It is not the same the needs of mastering a technology for a team of developers, as it is for the people in charge of deploying and managing the infrastructure.

That’s why, beyond commands and tasks, we focus on solving the problems that arise in the day-to-day of each team. We provide our students with the knowledge, competencies and skills required for each project. In addition, our documentation is based on the latest version of each product.

Do you have doubts?

Request a meeting with our instructor without obligation. We introduce you to the course, show you the materials, the laboratories and answer any questions your technical teams may have.

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