Intensive and hands-on training on GNU/Linux systems

In recent years, Red Hat™ and SUSE™ as well as their community distributions (Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE) are an alternative to the most “veteran” UNIX systems (AIX™, Solaris™, HP-UX™) especially in non-critical environments. Over the years we have developed different tailor-made courses where we turn all our experience as consultants and system integrators. All the courses we offer below, we teach them directly and without intermediaries. Only in this way can we offer the highest quality in our training offer, guarantee the excellence of our courses and remain true to our principles.

Generic full courses (4.5 days):

    • L01- Basic functions of the GNU/Linux operating system and introduction to system administration
    • L02- Advanced management and problem-solving on GNU/Linux
    • L03- Design and deployment of TCP/IP networks with GNU/Linux
    • L04- Advanced networking and communications security under GNU/Linux

Preparation of certifications from the Linux Professional Institute (LPI)

Preparing Administrator and Engineer Certifications (Red Hat & SUSE)

Workshops (1.2 days):