Virtualization on Linux with KVM and Ovirt.

Intensive course. Advanced architecture, deployment, and management.


We offer you a 3-day intensive training where you will learn everything you need to set up KVM and oVirt based services. They are the foundation of the RHEV (Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization) suite, the leading virtualization platform in linux environments. It has performance equivalent to Xen or VMWare and has no licensing costs.

It is the ideal alternative for midsize environments with Linux and Windows virtualized systems being in our opinion a more than respectable competitor of VMWare vSphere for cluster management and medium data centers. It has a bunch of interesting features such as live snapshots, a powerful hypervisor, a large community, advanced storage control, high availability, hot migration of virtual machines, and a powerful centralized infrastructure management tool.


Module 1 – oVirt Deployment

  • Solution architecture
  • Installation of the oVirt engine
  • Installing and adding KVM nodes
  • Local storage configuration
  • Initial network configuration
  • Using the admin panel
  • Installation of virtual machines

Module 2 – Advanced Administration

  • Data centers and clusters
  • External storage (iscsi and nfs)
  • Using GlusterFS as a parallel file system.
  • Domain management
  • Advanced network management
  • Snapshots and backups
  • Migration and balance policies
  • Preparing images with cloud-init
  • Creating and using templates
  • Fees and service level agreements
  • Using the API
  • Monitoring the environment
  • oVirt upgrades and version migrations
  • Open laboratory


Distributed system administrators, architects and consultants with experience in GNU/Linux.

Duration: 3 days, customizable according to the requirements of each client.

Dates: Private on-demand delivery.

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