Unlimited performance, scalability and security with IBM Storage

Flash cabinets with IBM FlashCore (NVM) technology and rasomware protection

The IBM FlashSystem 5015, 5035, 5045, 5200, 7300 and 9500 are the highest performance, high-speed storage arrays on the market for open systems (Windows, Linux and UNIX). Designed to meet the storage needs of the critical workloads of modern enterprises and organizations.

With a modular storage architecture based on flash technology, these cabinets offer exceptional levels of performance and reliability. They also feature powerful virtualization technologies based on IBM’s San Volume Controller and are extremely easy to manage, virtualize, replicate (via HyperSwap or Stretched Cluster) and migrate. They also have advanced data analysis capabilities to detect and respond to rasonmware attacks on file systems.

Storage for all needs and budgets

IBM FlashSystem 5015, 5035, 5045, 5200 and 7200 storage arrays use a flash-based storage architecture to deliver exceptional performance and are available in the following models:

Storage Cabin Model Capacity and performance Price (from)
IBM FlashSystem 5015 (FS5015) Up to 153 TB and 650K IOPS 10.000 €
IBM FlashSystem 5035 (FS5035) Up to 614 TB and 1.2M IOPS 14.000 €
IBM FlashSystem 5045 (FS5045) Up to 614 TB and 1.2M IOPS 22.000 €
IBM FlashSystem 5200 (FS5200) Up to 1.7 PB and 2.4M IOPS 32.000 €
IBM FlashSystem 7300 (FS7300) Up to 2.3 PB and 5GB/s 41.000 €
IBM FlashSystem 9500 (FS9500) Up to 4.5 PB and 100 GB/s 96.000 €

All IBM FlashSystem storage arrays include features such as data compression, deduplication, snapshots and data replication to ensure data security and protection. They also integrate seamlessly with IBM backup systems such as Storage Protect.

Protection against rasomware and malware in general

IBM offers its safe-guarded copies technology, which allows immutable snapshots to be taken every few minutes, so that recovering from a cyber-attack or massive data corruption for any other reason is a matter of minutes rather than days. It is available on all systems starting with FS5200.

SAP HANA, Oracle, VMWare, Hyper-V, and DB2 certified cabinets

All cabinets are certified to provide secure, high-performance storage for leading database, virtualization environments and enterprise management solutions on the market, with support for Windows, Red Hat & SUSE Linux, Ubuntu, AIX and IBM i.

Migration services, training and technical support

All our IBM storage sales and commissioning services include the migration of existing environments (ESXi, VMWare, Windows, Linux, UNIX and IBMi) at no additional cost. Also, as IBM authorized training providers, we help you to understand and successfully manage these new systems through our services of technical training. In addition, if once you have transferred the technical knowledge of these storage technologies, you need continuous support throughout the year, we offer L2 and L3 support services and preventive maintenance, taking care of upgrades, monitoring and continuous performance tuning of our customers’ environments.

Storage audit and feasibility analysis free of charge

Renovating storage is often a major investment and it is essential to understand the implications of the changes to be made and the implications in the medium term. At Sixe we offer a
a free, no-obligation assessment
of the state of the current warehousing together with a consolidation plan to the new cabins without stopping the services in production.

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