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Now with iWorks Bootcamp Certification – AppDev for IBM i included

Are your RPG programmers about to retire? Are you worried about who will take over? At SIXE, we have the solution you need, it’s called i2040 and no, it’s not a course. It is a complete 5-year service to, based on our more than 25 years of experience as IBM trainers and IBMi consultants, achieve what many believe to be impossible: the generational replacement and training of human capital for the modernization of the platform and the success of new projects on IBMi.

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How do we do it?

We select the profiles

We help you find the most suitable, motivated candidates with the ability to better integrate into your company culture so that they will be with you for many, many years. We also do the reverse process, to find the best companies for each of our students.

We give them an initial training and carry out a first screening

Once the candidates are pre-selected, we tell them everything they need to know about software engineering, so that they are able to abstract and think like the best programmers. We will then introduce you to the world of IBM Power, explaining the environments in which you will be working and the main features of IBMi. This phase has a series of tests of various kinds (not exclusively technical) that students must pass in order to enter our bootcamp. The objective is to detect those candidates with the greatest motivation and capacity to learn what will come next, as well as to develop a professional career in this field.

Exclusive i2040 Bootcamp

The selected students will attend an exclusive bootcamp designed by SIXE for 3 months where they will learn from scratch (free) RPG and all the related technologies that your team needs: Web Query, Python, Javascript, ILE, DB2, COBOL, etc. It is an intensive program designed to train the best developers of the platform and adapted to the needs of each client. We constantly update the syllabus to include the latest trends and best practices.

Mentoring and continuous learning

The training does not end after these two months, but during the following years we continue to organize dedicated sessions and mini-bootcamps on increasingly advanced topics with a single goal: to get developers who can do their job with autonomy and excellence. The recurrence and duration of the refresher and skills enhancement sessions is agreed with our clients. The goal is that in 3 years they will be able to provide high quality code.

L3 Support

After the bootcamp, our students will be ready to join your team as junior programmers. But that’s not all, for 5 years, you will have the continuous support of our specialists. Doubts? Questions? We are always here! We connect, review what they are doing and tell them how to do it better. If there is any problem in any application, you can also call us.

Why choose SIXE?

Training experience: Not only are we experts in RPG and associated IBMi technologies, but we have also been training many of the thousands of current platform experts for over 15 years. We know what we do, and we do it with passion, perspective and a clear focus that goes far beyond classical training.

Our long-term commitment: We don’t just train; we accompany. Ongoing supervision and training ensure that your new programmers are not only competent but leaders in their field. Therefore, this plan has a minimum duration of 3 years and a recommended duration of 5 years.

We are your partner in the modernization of applications and infrastructures: Do you need Free Software integrations? Deploying a container or kubernetes environment? Help with new LPARs with Linux? Connecting to cloud services? Perform performance tuning? Setting up a new machine from scratch fully automated with PowerVC and Ansible? We also help you.

Certification – iWorks Bootcamp – IBM i AppDev included

Our students obtain an exclusive official IBM certification after passing the exams and continuous evaluation tests. The bootcamp
iWorks AppDev IBM i
– bootcamp can also be contracted separately from the rest of the i2040 program.

Benefits for your organization

  • You get the personnel you need from scratch. We find the best people for your organization and turn them into the best developers.
  • You avoid generating technical debt by outsourcing development to third party companies.
  • You encourage your employees to stay with your organization for many, many years. They will have permanent support and mentoring throughout their professional career in your company. This reduces the risk of excessive staff turnover.
  • You don’t waste your best developers’ time on training, although we will be happy to coordinate with them.
  • You save a lot of costs and optimize your budget in the medium and long term.
  • You get high-level technical advice to empower and improve your business beyond code. We are experts in infrastructure, integrations with other IBM products, Red Hat, SUSE, cybersecurity and much more. Knowledge and know-how that we put at your service for whatever you need.
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