HCL BigFix: Comprehensive Device Management and Security

Keep your point systems patched and compliant. Whether they are in the cloud, virtual, local or with Internet access. BigFix is an OS-independent endpoint management platform that enables organizations to reduce their total cost of ownership and help prevent security incidents like WannaCry.

How secure your systems are?

Your organization’s security is only as strong as its weakest link: an old mobile phone, a laptop without its required updates, or a newly purchased IP camera connected to your local network.

As a result, IT infrastructure and security specialists strive to access up-to-date information on operating systems, software versions, application usage, and compliance with various policies and regulations. Without effective detection, deployment and enforcement, the likelihood of a successful endpoint attack grows exponentially. If you don’t see it, you can’t fix it.

HCL BigFix enables IT departments to reduce operational costs, minimize management cycles of all their devices by obtaining real-time results. You can also integrate it with IBM QRadar SIEM, correlating any potential threats with an up-to-date database of all your systems, applications, usage and update levels.

HCL How BigFix can help you

  • Quickly discover and detect managed and unmanaged devices
  • Performs an automatic and complete inventory of your software and hardware
  • Accelerates risk identification and decision making
  • Makes it easy for you to stay compliant with security policies on an ongoing basis
  • Efficiently manage updates and emergency patch distribution on any operating system
  • Gives you visibility into total license usage and needs, allowing you to avoid penalties and save on software costs.

Our services

We have been working with BigFix for more than 10 years, when it was part of IBM’s security solutions portfolio. Since then we have participated in projects of implementation, migration and sale of this solution for first level clients in Europe. We are currently
we are BP of HCL
and in addition to the sale and renewal of BigFix licenses, we are experts in
training and consulting.

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