Virtual CTO service (vCTO)

Your solution to have access to the technological expertise you need in an affordable and efficient way.

Why do you need a CTO as a Service (vCTO)?

The shortage of profiles with solid technical expertise and extensive management experience is an increasingly common problem and many organizations are finding it difficult to find and hire a CTO that fits their needs or whose full-time cost is properly justified.

On the other hand, proper technology decision making is a key factor in the success of any organization. Strong technology leadership is crucial for long-term success, but not having it implies much greater tangible and intangible risks. How much does it cost to make the wrong strategic decision in technology? Our Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO) will help you narrow down, assess and minimize this risk.

We put our expertise in technology and IT department management at the service of your organization to provide you with the same experience and knowledge of a CTO at a fraction of the cost of having one on staff full time.

What’s more, our CTO service also has more than 15 years of experience as technology providers and partners of the main players in the IT market.

With our vCTO service, all our experience in choosing, implementing and maintaining IT systems is at the disposal of our clients’ management committees to assist them in their strategic technology decisions.

What does our vCTO service include?

  • Access to technology experts with experience leading teams in companies of all sizes.
  • Clear and detailed action plan to implement the strategy.
  • Significant cost savings compared to hiring a full-time CTO.
  • Flexibility in contracting options to suit your needs
  • Remote or hybrid service for convenience and efficiency
  • Choice of the best suppliers and manufacturers in each technical field.
  • Advice and facilitation of internal and external negotiations
  • Unlimited consulting services with our pool of experts in each technology.
  • Unlimited access to our Technology Radar service.

Who are our vCTOs?

Our vCTOs are highly qualified and experienced in leading technology teams in a wide range of industries, although our specialty is project management for the implementation of private and hybrid cloud strategies, digital transformation, systems consolidation and virtualization, cross-cutting implementation of cybersecurity strategies and critical systems in general.

What are the contracting modalities?

You can hire our virtual CTO service for a specific period of time, per project or on a full or part-time basis as needed. In addition, our service is completely remote, which means you can take advantage of our technology experts from anywhere in the world in English, Spanish and French.

Want to know more about our vCTO service?

Contact us today to schedule a first meeting and find out how our CTO as a service can help take your business to the next level. Get the most out of our customized and affordable approach to technology leadership.

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