IBM Spectrum Computing Course (LSF)

Basic installation, configuration, and administration.

This training is designed to give HPC system administrators the knowledge they need to deploy and maintain LSF in their work environment. The course covers resource management (CPU, GPU & Memory) configuration of queues, SLA’s, policies, users, and groups as well as cluster management. It is an eminently practical course, backed by IBM’s official courseware.


System administrators with experience on UNIX or Linux. No prior knowledge of GRID technologies is required.


• IBM Spectrum LSF Core Concepts
• Installing IBM Spectrum LSF
• I send jobs at IBM Spectrum LSF
• Resource management
• Use cluster query commands
• Integration and implementation of applications
• IBM Spectrum LSF architecture and configuration
• LSF programming policies
• Resource allocation limits
• LSF cluster management details
• Troubleshooting and debugging IBM Spectrum LSF
• Administration via EGO


18h divided into 3 days

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