Goodbye VMWare. Hello OpenShift and KVM!

We help you design, deploy and migrate your entire VMWare environment to KVM with OpenShift.

We are specialists in the maintenance and technical support of virtualized environments on x86 and Power servers. We offer solution design, sales, deployment, commissioning, integration and preventive maintenance services. We anticipate problems and monitor the health of your environments. This service is offered directly by our system engineers, with more than 15 years of experience and certified by our main technology partners such as IBM and Red Hat. No subcontracting, no small print.

What do we include in our VMWare to OpenShift migration services?

  1. Current architecture analysis and solution design: Includes a detailed assessment of the existing VMware environment, identifying the key virtual machines and applications to migrate, along with storage and communications needs. The deliverable of this phase is a new architecture based on Red Hat OpenShift that will be integrated with the current infrastructure during the time that both solutions coexist so that the migration is done transparently and with minimal impact on the service.
  2. Sale and installation of the infrastructure: In this second phase we configure the servers you need for the new OpenShift environment using our previously validated reference architectures. With the detailed data from the analysis phase, we will consider licensing, security and performance requirements. The installation includes the configuration of the OpenShift environment, ensuring that it is optimized for the specific needs of your new environments and those we will be migrating from VMWare.
  3. Migration of virtual machines: During this phase, we will perform the gradual, orderly and careful movement of virtual machines from VMware to OpenShift. A detailed plan will be made to ensure a seamless migration of the business, minimizing downtime.
  4. Training: At SIXE we don’t want our customers to have a large technical debt. Therefore, in all our projects we include customized training sessions for the IT team, covering the administration and efficient use of OpenShift, as well as best practices in the new environment.
  5. Preventive maintenance and support L3When we finish the migration, we do not disappear, but stay on (if so decided) through a preventive maintenance service for as many years as necessary, taking care of regular updates and high-level technical support to ensure the optimal performance and security of the new Red Hat OpenShift environment.

Each of these services will be tailored to the specific needs of our customers, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition from VMware to OpenShift.

Why do we like OpenShift?

✅ You can deploy OpenShift on bare-metal (x86) without any #virtualization for containers.

✅ But also, you can use OpenShift virtualization (KVM) to deploy #Linux and #Windows VMs.. or all at once!

✅ You can manage your entire environment through a console by deploying #multiarch clusters on x86, #pcc64 and #os390.

✅ You can deploy OpenShift in your data center or at the cloud provider of your choice. You are independent of the provider and avoid being captive to anyone again, as happened with VMWare.

✅ You can always migrate from OpenShift to another #Kubernetes platform like SUSE’s if you are not satisfied with #RedHat. OpenShift is a software based on open standards.

With all our support contracts

  • Dedicated engineers are available to each customer by telephone in case of serious incidents 24×7.
  • We offer technical training on IBM, Lenovo, SUSE and Red Hat technologies at a reduced price for our customers’ teams.
  • We serve in Spanish, English and French in Europe, Africa and America.
  • We have an alternative to SWMA for 95% of IBM, Red Hat and HCL software products with a 50% discount and many added services.
  • We facilitate integration with SIEM tools that we can also help deploy and configure.
  • We offer L3 support for UNIX (AIX) and Linux (Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu) systems.
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