Red Hat OpenShift Bootcamp

Our Red Hat Openshift bootcamp is aimed at Linux system administrators with or without experience in OpenShift or containers, who want to learn about this technology in a practical and intensive way. The course will cover container technologies and their orchestration, including platform management, modular application deployment and how to successfully address security challenges.


Module 1 – Linux Container Basics

  • Introduction to linux containers
  • Linux containers, dockers and runC
  • Container orchestration
  • Podman (pod management tool) installation and configuration
  • Deploying services to Podman
  • Use of images, containers, communication networks and volumes in Podman
  • Introduction to Kubernetes

Module 2 – OpenShift Architecture and Initial Deployment

  • Introduction to Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
  • Cluster installation and upgrade
  • Configure authentication via local users
  • Control access to projects using role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Manage a cluster and deployed applications (web console and command line)

Module 3 – Deployment of Openshift Applications

  • OpenShift from a software developer’s point of view.
  • Deployment and management of existing applications via Docker-Hub
  • DevOps and CI with the OpenShift container platform.
  • Advanced deployment concepts
  • Automation of application testing

Module 4 – OpenShift for System Administrators

  • Server maintenance (operating systems)
  • Networking, proxies and high availability
  • OpenShift container storage
  • Monitoring the environment
  • Problem determination and resolution

Module 5 – Red Hat OpenShift Security

  • General questions about container safety
  • OpenShift security layers
  • Integration with cybersecurity tools.
  • Detection and mitigation of vulnerabilities in containers.


System administrators, developers, architects and pre-sales engineers with extensive UNIX or Linux experience. For new administrators we recommend taking one of our intensive GNU/Linux administration courses or, if time is limited, our 3-day OpenShift administration workshop.

Course length

The course is usually delivered as a two-week workshop if all five modules are successfully completed.

Languages and delivery format

The course is offered in Spanish, English and French, both face-to-face and distance learning.

Our instructors

All our training is delivered directly by our engineers. Only in this way can we guarantee the highest quality of our courses. The materials and laboratories we use are self-crafted and based on our experience during the deployments, migrations and courses we have taken over the last 15 years.

Note:Red Hat® is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc. Sixe Engineering does not currently have a link with the Red Hat training department. We exclusively offers tailor-made training and consulting with own-made materials, purchased from third parties or with open licenses.

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