With Canonical and Ubuntu everything is very simple, but with SIXE even more so.

Because we’ve known Ubuntu since it came on a CD-ROM in the mail, but even if it’s lesser known it’s the largest provider of software for public and private clouds, and a great alternative or complement to VMWare, Nutanix, Citrix, Google Cloud, Azure and AWS. SIXE is your trusted partner and reference for Canonical solutions. You decide what you need and we help you get it.

At SIXE, a leading company in high value-added technology solutions, we are partners of Canonical / Ubuntu. The most popular Linux distribution in the world. We work every day to be Canonical’s partner of reference in Europe and America, offering our customers an even wider range of high quality open source solutions for mission-critical and edge computing environments.

A long history of technological solutions

SIXE has extensive experience in the IT sector, having worked with companies of all sizes and sectors. We are experts in private clouds, virtualization technologies, cybersecurity and much more. Throughout our career, we have collaborated with the largest customers of Red Hat, SUSE and IBM, which has allowed us to acquire a deep understanding of the needs of organizations when it comes to Linux and open source projects in general.

A commitment to free software

At SIXE we are committed to open source software and we believe that Ubuntu is the ideal platform for our customers. Ubuntu is a distribution stable, safe and easy to useThe company offers a wide range of tools and applications to meet the needs of any business, with a wide range of solutions that cover 90% of the infrastructure needs of most of our current and future customers. From desktops to servers, through IaaS and PaaS.

Among the clouds or aboard a ship

SIXE offers through Canonical offers a wide range of Open Source solutions to meet the needs of any environment, from large private clouds to small IoT devices. From the Ubuntu Server operating system, stable and versatile for production environments, to the MicroK8s Kubernetes platform, lightweight and easy to use for deploying and managing container clusters in on-premises, edge and cloud environments, SIXE will help you choose the right solution for your business.

Outside the proprietary environments there is a lot of life

  • Cost reduction: Eliminate costly proprietary software licenses and take advantage of Canonical’s 100% Open Source solutions. It is not mandatory that you hire our support, but we can always help you with whatever you need.
  • Greater flexibility and control: Tailor your infrastructure to your specific business needs without the limitations of proprietary providers. Don’t become a captive customer again.
  • Scalability without limits: Expand your infrastructure quickly and easily without licensing restrictions or additional costs. Forecast costs years in advance.
  • Security and reliability: Enjoy a secure and reliable environment thanks to the global community with millions of users.
  • Constant innovation: Stay on the cutting edge of technology with the latest technical innovations, available in an easy-to-deploy format and fully supported by SIXE and Canonical.

Solutions for any industry, technology and requirement

Stable, open and secure desks

Build with confidence using the world’s most popular Linux operating system. Ubuntu offers versions with long-term support for Ubuntu Desktop, UbuntuServer and Ubuntu on public clouds.

The cloud, your way

Flexibility and efficiency-oriented design. From small private clouds to infrastructures of any scale. We have solutions for organizations of all sizes based on Kubernetes, OpenStack and Ceph.

Application management with minimal intervention in any infrastructure

Deploy, integrate and operate applications on any infrastructure with a seamless administrative experience, both on Kubernetes and virtual machines thanks to Juju .

Optimized for IoT and Edge

Accelerates time to market and reduces maintenance costs. Ship self-healing, secure and always up to date devices with Ubuntu Core and

Multi-cloud data and AI

Focus on innovation and simplify operations with our multi-cloud data and artificial intelligence solutions. Get the predictable economics you need to scale your projects.

Support, security and compliance

One subscription to delegate security, compliance and technical support for your entire Open Source stack with Ubuntu Pro

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