Optimize your IBM and HCL licensing investment

We help you perform an independent audit of IBM and HCL licenses. Consult us before renewing them and start saving.

In large IBM software and hardware projects, we often have the feeling that we don’t know exactly what we are paying for, especially after the usual three years of “all-inclusive” after the purchase of a software or hardware product. We do not know if it is necessary or not, to renew the licenses and, fundamentally, what value each of the support contracts offered by the manufacturers brings us. With the sale of several of its software products to HCL, the problem has been magnified as many solutions that were originally IBM’s are now dependent on maintenance contracts with more than one manufacturer.

As if this were not enough, in large accounts it is not unusual to be warned of an imminent audit with the risk of having to pay large amounts in compensation for requirements that often no one knows exist or what they respond to.

Answers that save a lot of money

Do I have to pay licensing fees for a development or test environment, and what does Software Maintenance (SWMA, also known as Subscription and Support/S&S) include? What about products that IBM has sold to other companies such as UNICA, Lotus, Portal or AppScan?

How do I license PVUs for an Oracle Database on AIX? Is it necessary to license all the cores of a machine for all the products if I only use a small part of them? In storage solutions like TSM or Spectrum Scale, is it better to license by capacity or by number of processors? What do I get when I renew my licenses?

If I migrate to a new version, do I have to pay for licenses again? What happens if I am forced to do it because of a change of servers?

Can I operate safely with licenses that have not been renewed? Is it legal? What risks do I take?

If my licenses are perpetual, why am I being charged every three years, and is it worth paying a monthly subscription that includes support?

Software products we work with

IBM Cloud Pak for Data HCL Commerce Red Hat Advanced Cluster Manager SUSE Manager for Retail
IBM Rational Team Concert HCL BigFix Lifecycle Red Hat Quay SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time
IBM Rational ClearCase HCL BigFix Compliance Red Hat CodeReady Studio SUSE OpenStack Cloud
IBM Rational Quality Manager HCL Leap Red Hat Data Grid SUSE Manager for Kubernetes
IBM Rational DOORS HCL Unica Red Hat OpenJDK SUSE Cloud Application Platform
IBM Rational Functional Tester HCL AppScan Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service
IBM QRadar SIEM / XDR HCL Notes Traveler Red Hat Process Automation SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Solutions
IBM Rational Test Workbench HCL Verse Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM Power Systems
IBM Rational Rhapsody HCL Connections Chat Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching
IBM Rational Build Forge HCL Digital Experience Red Hat Single Sign-On SUSE Manager for Infrastructure
IBM Watson HCL Domino Red Hat Enterprise Linux SUSE Linux
IBM Maximo HCL Notes Red Hat OpenShift SUSE Manager
IBM WebSphere HCL OneTest Red Hat Ansible SUSE CaaS Platform
IBM Cognos HCL Workload Automation Red Hat Virtualization SUSE Enterprise Storage
IBM Sterling HCL SafeLinx Red Hat JBoss SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications
IBM DB2 HCL BigFix Red Hat Satellite SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for z Systems
IBM Power Systems HCL AppScan Red Hat 3scale SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for High Performance Computing
IBM z/OS HCL Connections Red Hat Fuse SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop
IBM Informix HCL Sametime Red Hat AMQ SUSE Rancher

We help you to renew IBM, HCL, Red Hat and SUSE licenses.

Our licensing, hardware and software experts from IBM, HCL, Red Hat and SUSE will help you not only take control of your licensing spend, they will advise you on what makes the most sense when it comes to renewing or not renewing each of your contracts. They will also inform you about viable and secure alternatives with other suppliers when your business needs require it.

We have an in-depth understanding of the open source alternatives to many of the licensed products from Red Hat and SUSE. Perhaps, you do not need their support and can use a community version with our help or that of another provider. Examples are oVirt vs RHEV, Foreman/Katello vs Red Hat Satellite, PostgreSQL vs Oracle, etc. We help you analyze each case and make the best decision.

Request a free, no-obligation, one-hour consultation to discuss in detail the potential licensing cost savings we can provide your organization. To do so, please fill in the following form and we will contact you in less than 24 hours.

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