AIX Intensive Course for UNIX Professionals


This is an intensive, eminently practical approach to managing AIX 7.2

Agenda and course planning

  • Introduction to AIX. Differences from other UNIX and Linux systems
  • System Administration Tools on AIX
  • Configuration of devices and drivers. Introduction to the MDG.
  • Storage on AIX
  • AIX Logical Volume Manager
  • Managing JFS2 file systems
  • Device storage and management practices.
  • JFS2 File System Management Practices
  • Advanced Object Data Manager Management
  • Disk management, maintenance and replacement theory
  • Monitoring and analysis of hardware and software errors
  • Workload partitions application and system.
  • ODM and Disk Management Practices
  • Error monitoring and analysis practices
  • Application and system workload partitions deployment practices
  • Open lab


System administrators with two years of experience in the UNIX or Linux world.

ibm aix


5 days / 30 hours

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