How ACME saved your business with FS7300 and safe-guarded copies

Today ransomware attacks have become a constant threat to businesses of all sizes. An effective solution to this challenge is the use of protected copies on advanced storage systems such as those offered by IBM’s FS7300 storage systems. This article explores a case in which a customer, which we will call ACME, was able to recover its critical systems in minutes after a ransomware attack, thanks to the capabilities of the FS7300 cockpit.

A key technology: IBM Safe-guarded copies

Protected copies on IBM FS7300 systems are replicas of data that are stored securely and isolated within the same system. These copies are not accessible for normal modification or deletion, making them immune to malware attacks such as ransomware.

Our client

ACME is a leading financial services provider in a North African country that recently faced a sophisticated ransomware attack in November 2023. This attack encrypted a significant amount of their critical data, affecting essential operations. Fortunately, I had recently implemented IBM’s FS7300 storage cabinet, which included the protected copy feature and which SIXE had scheduled to run on a regular basis. An alert from IBM Storage Protect warned that more files than normal had been modified during planned backups.

Response to Attack

When ACME became aware of the attack, its IT team acted quickly. Using the protected copies stored in their FS7300 cabinet, they were able to restore the affected data in a matter of minutes. This rapid recovery was made possible by the efficient data management and instantaneous recovery capability of the FS7300 system.

Key Benefits

The ability to recover quickly from a ransomware attack is crucial to maintaining business continuity. In the case of ACME, IBM’s FS7300 booth provided:

  1. Fast Recovery: Data restoration was almost instantaneous, minimizing downtime.
  2. Data Integrity: Protected copies ensured that the restored data was free from corruption or tampering.
  3. Uninterrupted Operations: Rapid recovery allowed critical business operations to continue without significant interruption.

This case demonstrates how an advanced storage solution such as IBM’s FS7300 array, equipped with copy-protected technology, can be a lifesaver in crisis situations such as ransomware attacks. It provides not only an additional layer of security, but also the confidence that business data can be recovered quickly and efficiently, ensuring business continuity in times of uncertainty and constant threats.

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