We help you design, evaluate and update your Disaster Recovery Plan.

Guarantee the continuity of your business in the event of any contingency or exceptional situation without leaving anything to chance.

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)?

A disaster recovery plan (DRP) and business continuity plan is a document that contains all the details for responding effectively, quickly and safely to major incidents such as fires, floods, earthquakes, evacuations or permanent loss of power.

In the plan, we explain how to minimize the consequences for our business or organization of this type of exceptional situations… but they happen and must be foreseen. Having a tested and updated DRP is required by auditors in order to comply with all types of legal and regulatory requirements both in the European Union as in the rest of the world. It includes contingency plans, or DRS solutions, that enable business continuity, typically through a secondary data center or cloud replication solutions.

Scope and phases of our PRA development service

Phase 1
  • Agreeing on PRA objectives and priorities
  • Evaluate the status of existing contingency plans
  • First exchange of information and documentation with the customer
  • Identification of roles and responsibilities within the organization
Phase 2
  • Interviews and exchange of information with the heads of each business unit or department.
  • Inventory of systems. Mapping of critical applications and systems
  • Definition of RTO and RPO
  • Identification and review of procedures and technologies deployed for backups
  • Identification and review of high-availability procedures and technologies
  • Identification and review of RD procedures and technologies
  • Evaluation of the impact on the bank’s operations and associated risks of the different scenarios that require actions defined in the PRA.
  • Identification and review of already documented DRP sub-processes
  • Identification of the DRP sub-processes to be designed, implemented or documented.
  • Develop a first draft of the disaster site reconstruction plan (DRP).
Phase 3
  • Drafting and delivery of the first version of the PRA document.
  • Customer review
  • Carrying out the pertinent modifications
  • Project delivery and closure
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