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If we think it’s normal to try on clothes before you buy them, why not know the details of a course and your instructor before enrolling our team in it for a week? Leave us your details and we will arrange without obligation a free session of 15 minutes through Zoom, Skype or MS Teams where you can:

  • Know in detail the characteristics of the course, including its slides, laboratories and agenda
  • Chat with the instructor who will teach it
  • Propose adaptations of the agenda or practices
  • Know first-hand the applicable group discounts
  • Search for tentative dates, which can be blocked for a week without obligation

You can invite all members of your team who are interested: team leaders, HR, project managers, everyone is welcome. We offer both official training and courses developed by our instructors. All trainings have laboratories and an eminently practical approach. We deliver them both in person and remotely through our Virtual Training platform.

Our official and tailor-made courses include products such as Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization(RHEV),Splunk Monitoring & Security Intelligence, Checkpoint & Fortinet firewalls, AIX, PowerHA, SUSE for SAP Hana, Tivoli Monitoring,DB2, UNICA,z/OS, Rational, Websphere, Spectrum Protect, Scale and Computing (LSF) among many others.

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