IBM QRadar cloud-native SIEM on Red Hat OpenShift

Your SIEM is not outdated, it’s just that threats and cybersecurity are advancing very fast.

Today’s hybrid cloud environments are evolving and scaling with the threats that lurk within them. Creating a larger and more complex attack surface to protect. In IT departments it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate real threats from false positives. We do not want the famous tale of Peter and the Wolf to happen. And that, the day something happens, even if we detect it, it will be ignored due to saturation of our analysts and SOC staff in general.

For years, early threat detection has been progressively slowed down by isolated technologies, manual searches and an overload of alerts that lack sufficient context or clear visualization. It is difficult to defend oneself against what is neither understood nor seen. Humans are human, and so are our analysts. The data show that less than half (41%) of the alerts that pass through the “SIEM filters” are reviewed in detail in the Security Operations Centers (SOC). This even applies to our customers’ SOCs that use QRadar, as their correct configuration and permanent adjustment requires human resources and time that are not available.

That is why IBM has been working for years on a new IBM Security® QRadar® SIEM cloud-native, which uses multiple layers of AI and automation to dramatically and radically improve the quality of alerts and the productivity of security analysts in their day-to-day work. Thanks to sophisticated AI models pre-trained on tens of millions of alerts from IBM’s thousands of clients worldwide, the new QRadar SIEM provides the context and threat prioritization required today. Something that, in all honesty, we were not achieving despite having (from SIXE’s point of view) the best SIEM and SOAR on the market.

Benefits for your SOC (and your security)

Prioritization of alerts based on ACTUAL risks

IBM QRadar SIEM, cloud-native, uses intelligent algorithms to apply multiple layers of risk scoring to each observable within a case. Security analysts are only alerted to the most important cases, so they know exactly where to focus their time and energy.

Federated search for proactive threat detection

Federated search gives you the flexibility to choose between ingesting mission-critical data into your SIEM and searching data where it resides. We can continue to work with the databases you have, including those of other manufacturers, enriching and improving the information available in QRadar.

Open standards are welcome. Support for Sigma rules

With native support for open source Sigma rules, QRadar SIEM native-cloud creates a common shared language for security analysts to overcome the challenge of writing rules on proprietary SIEM platforms. Now, security analysts can quickly import new, validated, crowdsourced instructions directly from the security community as threats evolve.

Automated research with recommended answers… by default!

QRadar SIEM (cloud-native) uses automated threat data enrichment and supplementation, risk assessment, security activity mapping and analysis of the source of security incidents. With pre-configured automation, we have summary information and recommendations in one place, which analysts can implement or take as a recommendation to continue their analysis.

Adios Ariel (SQL). Hello Kusto (KQL)

While SQL-derived languages are designed to manage structured data in relational databases, SQL-derived languages are designed to manage structured data in relational databases. KQL is designed to query large volumes of structured and semi-structured data, including logs and telemetric data, in real-time analysis scenarios. With KQL you can schedule QRadar monitoring in near real time to automatically have the most up-to-date information available and usable.

External threats under control.

QRadar connects to X-Force® Threat Intelligence for real-time access to the world’s largest external threat database. Including malicious actors, vulnerabilities, viruses or rasomware attacks. Forget about spending hours reading or researching on your own. Everything working by default and without making a click.

From XDR and SOAR to cloud-native QRadar, we’re with you on the journey

Whatever the scope of the project and the size of your organization, we can help you. From designing and implementing a first SOC for your organization to complex integrations with tools that automate threat detection and suppression processes based on SOAR (IBM SOAR / Resilient) and machine learning technologies. And now also, to set up a cloud-native SOC infrastructure fully integrated with all previous (and future) technologies.

Very easy to integrate with other products and solutions

Our clients are industries, pharmaceutical companies, banks and insurance companies. But also public administrations and SMEs. We adapt to the specific OT and OT cybersecurity needs of each organization, proposing and integrating different solutions in QRadar SIEM / XDR from manufacturers such as Tenable, Nozomi Networks, Qualsys or Rapid7. We have more than 700 pre-integrated QRadar integrations with products from other leading manufacturers in their respective sectors and totally complementary and necessary.

Automatic integration with IBM (QRadar) SOAR

Security is based on people, processes and technologies. With QRadar SOAR you have hundreds of IT and DevOps integrations and tools. Automate via playbooks (e.g. from Red Hat Ansible) the repetitive tasks of your IT department related to cybersecurity in case of any alert from your SIEM. From applying patches, changing configurations or even disconnecting and shutting down a system that poses a danger to your network. The installation and deployment of IBM SOAR applications only takes a few minutes and is done entirely via the web.

Services tailored to the needs of our customers

At SIXE we sell, deploy, migrate and maintain up-to-date installations of QRadar XDR and now also cloud-native. Our services include technical support through different options: monthly contracts, hourly contracts and turnkey projects. We collaborate with both end customers and companies offering managed services that can benefit from our experience and know-how.

Do you need training? Check our courses of
cybersecurity analyst,
QVM and preparation for certifications certifications. All our training offer is fully adaptable to the needs of each of our clients.

If you are starting from scratch, we can help you set up your SOC (Security Operations Center).

It takes several years and a lot of talent to get a SoC up and running and to make it work. We help you through the whole process, from the training of the teams to the start-up of the service to which we can continue to provide L3 technical support for as long as necessary.

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