Discover the History of Common Europe. Don’t miss the Prague Congress 2023!

Do you work with AIX, Linux and IBM i? Are you an IBM Power user?

Common Europe, a federation of IBM technology user associations in Europe, has been at the forefront of fostering growth and knowledge in this field for several decades. As we prepare for the Prague 2023 Congress, it is an ideal time to review the history of this magnificent institution and highlight the importance of attending this event.

History of Common Europe

Common Europe began more than six decades ago, in 1955. It began its work as a federation of IBM system user associations, and over the years, has grown into an international community. Common Europe’s goal has always been to provide a platform for learning, networking and collaboration, resulting in a steady and progressive growth in the technical skills and knowledge of its members.

Throughout its history, Common Europe has demonstrated a tireless commitment to carrying out its mission. They have worked closely with IBM and other industry leaders to provide their members with the training and support they need to take full advantage of emerging technologies and industry best practices.

Why attend the Prague 2023 Congress?

If you work with AIX, Linux and IBM i on Power, the relevance and value of the Prague 2023 Congress cannot be overemphasized. At this event, you will have the opportunity to learn from the best in the field, expand your skills and knowledge, and connect with other like-minded professionals.

The Prague 2023 Congress will feature a wide variety of workshops, training sessions and presentations addressing all aspects of these technologies, from implementation and management to the latest innovations.

We are excited to announce that several members of Common Iberia, an association of IBM users in Spain and Portugal of which SIXE is a member, will participate in the congress as speakers. His presence guarantees a valuable perspective, sharing innovative ideas and experiences in the use of AIX, Linux and IBM i on Power with many other experts from Europe and America.

In addition to us, there will also be a multitude of other experts and industry leaders present, making the Prague 2023 Congress a real opportunity for any professional looking to improve their skills and knowledge in these technologies… and above all, to strengthen and expand our large community of users.

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