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The physical world is getting smaller and smaller, yet the digital world is growing rapidly. Every day millions of people demand services that allow them to facilitate their day-to-day life as well as allow them to stay connected. For this reason, the work of the technological area requires specific and novel skills. Large corporations no longer want comprehensive professionals who manage multiple segments, want professionals with disruptive skills… skills that make them a specialist in a specific segment. Today we will talk about 10 technologies that during 2020 were highly quoted by large companies and that in 2021 promise to be the highest paid of the moment.

1. Mobile app development

A large percentage of companies bet on mobile apps for growth or consolidation in the market. Mobile apps are more dynamic and user-friendly compared to a web page, in that sense, organizations set apps as a technological priority that allows them to interact efficiently with users. This will be one of the most demanded technologies in the coming years.

In this segment, the design and development of mobile applications for recognized platforms such as iOS and Android are highly valued skills. Knowing the programming languages for apps is essential as it is also ideal to know the use of frameworks that streamline the work. Businesses want fabulous apps, but they also want to quickly implement their project!

The average salary an application developer who knows procedures of programming, testing and debugging errors, documentation, and also possesses communicative skills with other professionals of the company is more than 110,000 euros.

But that’s not all! Professionals with mobile video game development skills will get better salaries in 2021. Experts point out that by 2021 5G technology will have greater market penetration, the great speed of this network will allow millions of users worldwide to play from their smartphone without using their PC.

2. AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two attractive segments for professionals who want to specialize in technologies that will dominate the market for several decades. Developing hardware and software capable of intelligently processing and analyzing data to perform tasks more accurately and effectively represents one of science’s greatest achievements in recent years.

This new technology is promising, and every organization or technology brand wants to have an AI specialist within their team. Programming these computers is very complex, requiring thousands of algorithms that allow the software to have an analytical capacity for decision making, although it can be a little more complex when creating algorithms that allow the software to learn from all the procedures performed.

An IT professional with such knowledge can opt for jobs with wages between 100,000 and 150,000 euros. Although large corporations like Google, Facebook, Tesla, Amazon… they usually apply for dozens of professionals with AI and machine learning skills,being corporations that pay high salaries that can exceed one million euros. Do you want to train in AI? Check out our Watson courses.

3. Computer Vision ( ComputerVision)

Generally, it is often associated with AI technologies and machine learning,this is because computer vision software employs a type of machine learning when recording data for later use. Computer vision engineering is based on scripts and lines of code that allow devices to interpret images and videos from data already supplied to the software as well as by obtaining new data from the use of cameras, sensors and other technological elements. A computer vision technology professional can earn an average of between 120,000 euros and 150 euros a year. This type of skill is demanded in a large number of industries that use automated production systems.

4. Business Intelligence (BI)

It is a technology that uses data processing to create accurate and efficient reports that allow you to manage the company intelligently. BI analysts are generally people with experience in data science and other database technologies, but who have specialized in transforming information or data into business knowledge.

These specialists are listed on the market with salaries averaging between EUR 80 000 and EUR 120 000. Such professionals are essential in large corporations, as they provide truthful and accurate information regarding the company and its market position, competition behavior, number-based strategies…

With the knowledge provided by this new skill or technology, companies can reduce their margins of error to the maximum during decision-making. They can know which strategic areas to allocate more resources as well as areas where expenditures should be adjusted or resource savings promoted.

5. Cloud computing

Cloud storage is one of the fastest growing technologies in the IT area, and is expected to be one of the best-paid technologies in the coming years. It shows this is the creation of dozens of data centers in Spain by large corporations such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook. These data centers will be part of a robust cloud that will support millions of companies looking to store their information on secure, external, and reliable servers.

Cloud computing experts are professionals capable of providing platform and database migration solutions to the cloud as well as professionals eligible to support, plan, manage, and service for all cloud-hosted resources.

The average salary of a cloud computing specialist is 120,000 euros. This will be one of the highest-paid technologies in the coming years, as companies want to opt for professionals that allow them to work with the scalable and reliable resources offered by long-track clouds such as AWS or IBM.

6. Development of software and APIs

Companies in the coming years will continue to bet on customized and autonomous developments that allow them to grow freely.

Over the past few years, pre-designed software has threatened the field of work of thousands of programmers, as many software like SAP increasingly offer advantages and tools spanning a greater number of areas across multiple industries. However, personalization is an eye-catching theme for businesses and new entrepreneurs. By 2021, organizations looking for unique software will be thousands, perhaps millions of individual projects will be implemented in the coming years. Even for these management tools like SAP, which promise to do everything, there will be thousands of projects in native ABAP language.

But not only will software be sued in 2021, the use of APIs to connect tools, platforms and database is gaining ground. A specialist capable of designing, planning, coding, debugging and implementing software can earn 120,000 euros, but if you have the skills to develop APIs, you can earn more than 150,000 euros.

7. Wired and wireless networks

The technological world grows and together with it all the networks that connect millions of devices in the world. The number of IP networks in the world is expected to double the number of the world’s population several times in the coming decades. For this reason, being a network specialist will remain one of the highest-paid technologies in the coming years.

Companies that have managed to consolidate as well as those that are growing rapidly allocate a significant percentage of their economic resources to the creation of networks that improve their operations and increase the level of security of the data they transmit. Even when the economy is not flattering for industries, network investment should be stable, as it is a vital part of any organization’s operations.

A professional with knowledge of wired and wireless networks can enjoy a salary of 140,000 euros, being one of the best pay technologies.

8. DevOps

DevOps is a term generated by shrinking the English words development and operations. This term refers to methodological procedures for software development, having as its main axis communication, teamwork and integration between different IT professionals. This is one of the most demanded technologies today, combining multiple skills with the intention of achieving a product or end goal with the highest possible quality.

This type of professional participates in all the essential phases for the development of an IT software or project, exercising a role as auditor and supervisor. The DevOps specialist should analyze the product or project and integrate it with the software, equipment, and hardware available to study its behavior. After auditing and integration testing, you can formulate recommendations and new guidelines for your deployment or debugging of errors.

The salary of a DevOps professional can reach 140,000 euros, although if the professional has experience and certifications, he will be able to obtain salaries of more than 160,000 euros.

9. Cybersecurity

Specializing in a cybersecurity career will be one of the most successful decisions in 2021. This is because cybersecurity salaries are around 120,000 euros. This type of professional must possess skills to audit systems, networks, and working methods in organizations, so you can create lines of action against threats, vulnerabilities, and potential computer attacks.

When professionals who specialize in a cybersecurity career gain more experience they can opt for managerial jobs. Cybersecurity salaries for a manager average between 140 000 and 150 000 euros, being a type of professional who must possess leadership skills, planning and training of professionals in relation to the security of information systems. A manager must create and document a security model capable of dealing with any modern attack or threat. In addition, you should monitor that each of the guidelines in that document are effectively complied with. Certifications such as CISSP or IBM QRadar SIEM products are one of the most valued on the market.

10. Big Data

It is the ideal specialization for people who have studied computer science and also enjoy mathematical skills. Big data salaries are the highest in the technological area, on average these professionals usually earn between 140,000 and 150,000 euros. Based on your experience and certifications, the salaries of a
big data professional
can increase considerably.

This technology combines knowledge of softwarearchitecture, hardware, and database to create efficient technology management models within an organization. Database design, implementation and management are presented as essential tasks in this type of technology. Big data specialists are responsible for analyzing the feasibility of external data sources for acquisition as well as complying with communicative procedures with data scientists to obtain resources from databases. These resources are usually raw data or raw data that the big data specialist translates or transforms into tangible information for business, administrative, or business use.

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