New IBM Power10 S1012 server for Edge Computing, HA, DR and Small Environments

The most compact Power10 for your remote environment, disaster recovery, edge computing and AI inferencing

IBM has just announced a new IBM Power server model, the S1012. A true BEAUTY that SIXE will soon have in the office, and depending on the noise it makes, maybe even under the table :) It can be obtained in tower or rackmount format, either by joining two servers together, as each one occupies half the width of a conventional rack, as shown in this image, or by leaving a “gap” to fill the entire 2U. It can be configured as you wish. The serviodr comes with 1 socket up to 8 cores and 256GB of RAM and at SIXE we will start offering it from June 2024.

What can we run on the new S1012?

Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Rocky, Alma, RHEL and SUSE, as well as AIX and IBM i, can be installed directly or virtualized with PowerVM. IBM Power S1012 is designed to enhance remote management capabilities for customers looking to expand applications such as AI inference, OpenShift nodes, critical applications under “Edge Computing” architectures, i.e. bringing these servers physically to where they are needed to directly process data without the need to transfer them first, achieving significant cost savings, speed and efficiency. In addition, thanks to the tower format, we can install these servers wherever we want without the need for rack cabinets.


Reduce your carbon footprint

With Power10 servers you can do much more with less. Thanks to its 8 threads per physical core, you can consolidate many, many x86 or ARM environments on a single Power, saving power and space in your data centers.

Use cases

It is designed and optimized for distributed computing such as photovoltaic plants, industries, ships, airplanes, vehicles, military environments, spacecraft and many more. It is also ideal for running major workloads in small organizations, for example ERPs or industrial management applications on IBMi and RPG, or as a very low-cost solution for backup environments (Remote Office / Back Office – ROBO). It is also easy to connect directly to cloud services such as IBM® Power® Virtual Server for backup and disaster recovery. In addition for critical databases, with GLVM we can create clusters between sites hundreds of miles apart for Oracle, Informix or DB2 without the need for dedicated fiber connections.

Technical detailsAccess the redbook that IBM has prepared with all the details of these systems.


The S1012 offers the lowest entry price of all Power servers and up to 3 times the performance of an equivalent x86 system. If you are an IBM i customer you can license a single core and use the rest for other workloads on AIX or Linux. If you want to know more, call us!


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