SIXE announces a Strategic Alliance with Canonical / Ubuntu as part of its commitment to free software

Madrid, Spain – May 8, 2024 – SIXEa leader in IT infrastructure solutions for critical environments with more than 15 years of experience, has announced its strategic partnership with Canonicala world leader in the development of open source software based on Ubuntuthe world’s most popular Linux distribution.

SIXE brings extensive experience in implementing and supporting solutions for large customers in Europe and the Americas. Throughout his career, he has worked with leading companies in sectors such as banking, telecommunications, energy, public administration and manufacturing. We are very excited to join Canonical as a strategic partner. We share a passion for open source, an open DNA in code and also in business, putting our customers at the center. This partnership will allow us to offer even more innovative and efficient solutions to our customers in Europe and America.

Proven experience and shared values

SIXE has a highly qualified team, certified in the main free and open source software technologies such as Ubuntu, Red Hat and SUSE. In addition, the company has agreements with other technology leaders, enabling it to offer comprehensive solutions that include hardware, software, implementation services and advanced technical support.

Commitment to freedom and transparency

Free software is based on the freedom of users to run, modify and distribute the software without restrictions. Canonical stands out for its commitment to licenses such as GPLv3, guaranteeing these fundamental freedoms. In addition, its commitment to accessibility and transparency is reflected in the open development of Ubuntu, whose source code is publicly available for review and modification, fostering collaboration and trust in the developer community.

Long-term support

Canonical differentiates itself by its long-term support with Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support), which offers security and maintenance updates for 5 years, extendable to 10 years for small environments. This provides stability and predictability for business users, which SIXE appreciates. Canonical’s commitment to customer freedom to decide when and how to upgrade without losing access to security patches is one of the many reasons we chose to partner.

Solutions for companies and organizations of all sizes and industries

Canonical has developed novel ways to implement not only Linux environments with Ubuntu, but complete public and private cloud solutions with OpenStack, container platforms with Kubernetes and virtualization environments with KVM, that work in both small and large data centers, across desktops and edge computing environments.

A strategic alliance for an open future

The strategic alliance between SIXE and Canonical will allow us to offer an even wider range of free and open source software solutions, along with enhanced support. With this collaboration, the companies will help their customers leverage the potential of open source software to transform their businesses, bringing value and efficiency.

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