OpenStack Migration Services from VMWare and Hyper-V

Say goodbye to proprietary virtual machine technologies. Say hello to OpenStack the free and open platform for your private, hybrid or public cloud.

At SIXE we are specialists in the maintenance and technical support of virtualized environments in x86, ARM and Power servers. We set up our first cloud with OpenStack back in 2008. We currently offer solution design, sales, deployment, commissioning, integration and preventive maintenance of private and hybrid clouds with different technologies. We anticipate problems and monitor the health of your environments. This service is offered directly by our system engineers, with more than 15 years of experience and certified by our main technology partners such as IBM and Red Hat. No subcontracting, no small print.

What do we include in our VMWare to OpenStack migration services?

0. Proof of Concept (PoC)

  • Try it first and then we’ll talk: In less than 6 weeks we will perform a first full PoC in your environment or in our cloud, so that you test OpenStack directly and are able to ask us the right questions when you decide to migrate. After the PoC we will have enough data to define a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) which would be the next milestone.

1. Analysis of the current architecture and design of a first OpenStack MVP

  • Comprehensive assessment: We will perform a detailed analysis of your current VMware environment, identifying candidate virtual machines (VMs) for migration, assessing their dependencies, storage and networking requirements.
  • Target architecture design: We will design a tailored OpenStack architecture, considering integration with your existing VMware infrastructure to ensure a smooth transition and minimize the impact on your operations.
  • Migration Plan: We will develop a detailed migration plan that prioritizes key VMs and applications, establishing a realistic timeline and minimizing downtime.

2. Sale and installation of OpenStack infrastructure

  • Validated reference architecture: We will implement a robust and scalable OpenStack architecture, using our proven reference configurations tailored to your specific needs.
  • Licensing, security and performance consideration: We will advise on the required software licenses, implement security best practices and optimize the performance of the OpenStack platform.

3. Migration of virtual machines to OpenStack

  • Gradual and controlled migration: We will execute the migration of VMs from VMware to OpenStack in a gradual and controlled manner, following the established plan and minimizing any interruption in your services.
  • Validation and testing: We will perform extensive testing at every stage of the migration to ensure the functionality and performance of the VMs in the new OpenStack environment.

4. Training and knowledge transfer

  • Customized training: We will provide training sessions to your IT team, covering OpenStack administration, operation and best practices.
  • Detailed documentation: We will deliver complete documentation on the new infrastructure and operational procedures, ensuring an autonomous and efficient management of your OpenStack environment.

5. Preventive maintenance and support L3

  • Ongoing support: We will offer a preventive maintenance service that includes regular updates, proactive monitoring and specialized technical support to ensure the availability, performance and security of your OpenStack platform.

Why do we like OpenStack?

OpenStack, being an open platform, will prevent you from being “held hostage” to any software vendor.

You can deploy OpenStack directly on your existing hardware, without investing in new infrastructure.

OpenStack supports KVM virtualization to deploy Linux and Windows virtual machines, and you can even combine both in the same environment.

✅ Manage your entire environment from a single console, including heterogeneous clusters with x86, ARM (including AWS Graviton) and Power architectures.

✅ Deploy OpenStack in your own data center or on the public cloud provider of your choice. Maintain control and avoid vendor lock-in, unlike with proprietary solutions such as VMware.

✅ If you decide to switch, you can migrate your workloads from OpenStack to other OpenStack or Kubernetes-based platforms, thanks to their foundation in open standards.

Customized post-project support

  • In our support contracts, each customer has dedicated engineers available by phone in case of serious incidents 24×7. You will have their direct phone number without having to go through boring and unproductive “ticket escalations” around the world.
  • We like our customers to be autonomous and we offer them technical training in IBM, Lenovo, SUSE and Red Hat technologies at a very low price.
  • Are you a multinational? Don’t worry, we serve in Spanish, English and French in Europe, Africa and America.
  • We have an alternative to SWMA for 95% of IBM, Red Hat and HCL software products with a 50% discount and many added services.
  • We facilitate integration with SIEM tools that we can also help deploy and configure.
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