New IBM QRadar courses updated to version 7.4.2

Of all the IBM courses, perhaps the most demanded and valued by IBM clients and partners are the QRadar SIEM courses. Therefore, from June 2021 the new official courses will be available: QRadar SIEM Fundamentals (BQ104G) and QRadar SIEM advanced functionalities (BQ204G) . We have also updated our pre-sales, architecture, deployment and initial configuration workshop to version 7.4. Since 2014 we have trained over 35 clients and 400 students from 20 different countries in this amazing technology. We have passed on all our practical experience in real projects and have helped to successfully pass official certifications.

What is QRadar?

The market leading solution for the prevention, detection and remediation of security incidents. Hundreds of SOCs (Security Operations Centers) around the world rely on technology developed by Q1 Labs and acquired by IBM in 2011 to complement their cybersecurity capabilities. QRadar allows us to link events ranging from physical security (access controls), ID card readers, OT devices to the service infrastructure deployed in the cloud or even the daily activity logs of users. Its capabilities allow us to analyze thousands of events per second to ensure that our organization is not only secure, but also compliant with applicable industry regulations and legislation. QRadar also has strategic partnerships with Juniper Networks, Enterasys, Nortel, McAfee, Foundry Networks and 3Com among other companies. The product is so powerful that many of these companies sell their own SIEMs based on QRadar technology.

What’s new?

In the last year and a half many things have changed. From the user interface that has been completely revamped, to new applications that allow you to analyze incidents in a fully automated way. For example, the QRadar Advisor application with Watson (IBM AI) automatically maps tactics and techniques available in the MITRE ATT&CK database to internal QRadar rules. Through an innovative monitoring dashboard you can see the techniques used by attackers and their relationship to open security incidents.

The new versions allow you to use the hints and tips provided by IBM QRadar Use Case Manager (formerly QRadar Tuning app) to help you optimize the configuration and tuning of QRadar rules, keeping them always up to date and ready for when they are needed.


What about certifications?

We have been helping to prepare for the official IBM exams in the technologies we teach for a long time. That is why we have decided that from June 2021, we will include at no additional cost a preparation day for the certifications in all private courses that are contracted to us with at least 4 students enrolled.

I want to enroll in a course

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All courses are taught both on-site and on-line. Our instructors speak English, French and Spanish.

Need more help?

At Sixe Ingeniería we are IBM Security BP. We sell, install and support IBM QRadar SIEM. We also conduct tailor-made training, seminars and technical talks. We also advise you with the licenses and the definition of the architecture you need at no additional cost. Ask for a demonstration without obligation.
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