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Speed up your critical and congnitive workloads

POWER9 scale-out servers are cloud-ready and include built-in PowerVM virtualization capabilities, enabling you to deploy the cloud environment to meet your organization’s changing business needs. POWER9 scale-out servers for IBM i, AIX and Linux easily integrate into your organization’s cloud and AI strategy, while delivering the performance and RAS needed for your mission-critical workloads like DB2 and Oracle. IBM also offers POWER9 scale-out servers built and optimized for SAP HANA®, boasting a memory footprint of up to 4TB in a 2U form factor for gaining insights faster while delivering superior reliability and performance.

These new systems incorporate our latest I/O technology, including 25 GB/sec high-speed interconnect for CAPI and OpenCAPI along with embedded PCI-Express 4.0 connectivity which doubles the I/O bandwidth versus PCI-Express 3.0

POWER9 2-socket systems provide up to 4TB of memory, 33 percent more than compared Intel x86 Xeon systems, delivering additional benefit to in-memory databases such as SAP HANA.

The focus has not been just on performance, but also delivering value to clients in the form of cost reductions. The L922 delivers 2.4X the price performance over compared Intel x86 systems in database and advanced analytics environments such as DB2 Warehouse

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