Let us successfully applying the latest technologies for your organization

Do you have to start a new project and do not know what technologies to use? Are you being held captive by your provider and looking for alternatives? Would you like to gain autonomy and train your teams as the project progresses? Do you want an expert consultant to go on time to advise your teams on new ideas and solutions?

Is it a product suitable for your project (support, stability, security..)? Is your system infrastructure (local network, data sharing, document management) appropriate to your business needs?

Do you need an expert opinion to rely on on a timely or regular basis before making small or big decisions?

At SiXe we offer consulting services in the area of systems (AIX and GNU/Linux), virtualization of servers and desktop environments, design of high availability solutions, web applications and telecommunications.

We are specialists in the migration of computer systems from small and medium-sized enterprises to open environments based on GNU/Linux such as Debian, Centos/Fedora, Open Suse and Ubuntu. More than a hundred customers have benefited from significant savings thanks to our technology consulting projects for migration to technologies and environments based on free software.

We are experts in designing IBM product and technology-based solutions in the area of Power Systems, x-series, storage and system management with IBM Spectrum products (monitoring, backups, HPC, etc.)

We know like no one the possibilities of the latest IBM Power Systems that in conjunction with other technologies and solutions (VIO Server, LPARs, PowerHA, IVE, SEA, WPARs, Live Application Mobility, AME, AMS, etc.) make simple and essential what yesterday seemed Impossible. Getting the most out of these technology investments, with our help, is available to your technicians and engineers.

If you want to improve the efficiency of the resources available to you, do not hesitate, contact us.

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