Reasons to learn Linux in 2021

Eight compelling reasons to be certified on Linux this 2021

If you’ve come this far, you probably have more or less advanced Linux knowledge or intend to improve them. This operating system created in Finland in 1991 is one of the most staunch competitors that Windows has. There are several advantages to Microsoft software. Would you like to know the 8 compelling reasons to expand your training with Linux certifications this 2021? See.

3 Generic Reasons to Increase Your Linux Knowledge

For those who don’t have much experience using this operating system, we’ll start by talking about three important reasons for more advanced training that allows them to fully understand the features and possibilities it offers.

1. Being versatile makes you a better professional

The first reason for forming on Linux has not much to do with operating systems or their features, but with the market itself. In the technology sector, it is important to be versatile to offer better solutions to users. Therefore, receiving training on Linux is not only useful, but necessary.

2. It is a safer operating system than its competitors

Compared to Windows, Linux has an armored architecture. This is an attack-proof operating system. There are several reasons that make GNU/Linux systems such a secure option. Being open source, it has an army of hundreds of users constantly updating it. Anyone with sufficient knowledge can improve the system to prevent violations of file integrity and sensitive data privacy. In addition, it is based on UNIX, a software that stands out for its powerful and effective privilege management for multiple users.

In a world where business data is compromised, this advantage augurs for a promising future for Linux over other systems. If you offer IT services to companies, knowing more about Linux’s security capabilities will allow you to better support.

3. It’s a free, stable and easy-to-use operating system

Unlike Windows and macOS, you don’t need to pay for a license or purchase a specific computer before you can install Linux on your computer. It’s completely free. The business is in business support. We ourselves are partners with Red Hat, IBM and SUSE.

On the other hand, the main drawback on the difficulty involved for an average user to use this operating system has been left in the past. Currently, its different distributions have a very friendly interface. As if that weren’t enough, it’s a very stable software. He rarely suffers from interruptions. and you don’t need to reinstall it every time you perform an update.

5 reasons to train on Linux in 2021 with SiXe

Now, if you’re one of those who were timidly formed on Linux at University, or you’ve done it superficially through one-off courses, we give you five reasons to learn more about this free software with SiXe.

1. We offer realistic practices tailored to the corporate segment

Linux is a clear example that free software is on the rise. And not only in the domestic sphere, but also in the professional. Not for nothing, Red Hat’s 2020
Enterprise Open Source
Status report makes it clear that a growing number of businesses see a viable solution in open source.

According to this research, 95% of the organizations surveyed noted that such programs (Including Linux) are an important part of their infrastructure. This study is just one more test of the value this operating system has for software developers, users, and system administrators.

Supply and demand control the market, and in the technology sector it is no exception. Therefore, the growing interest of companies in open source solutions is a valuable job opportunity for professionals who specialize in Linux.

SiXe helps you complete your Linux training. Particularly interesting is the fact that all our courses focus on providing adequate solutions to the problems that often arise in the real world.

2. Courses have useful content for any context.

The designed trainings pair software developers and system administrators we teach include:

Mention aside deserve the following courses oriented to the most demanded certifications on the market:

Linux intensive course for administrators.

You will learn how to successfully manage your Linux systems. This course is characterized by providing essential training to successfully solve an exam such as RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) or SUSE Certified Administrator.

Intensive Linux course for engineers.

Red Hat courses and SUSE courses are in increasing demand. This training will help you certify yourself as a Red Hat Certified Engineer, SUSE Certified Engineer, and Linux Foundation Certified Engineer. In this way, you will be able to respond to the needs of the market. The Linux intensive course for engineers is ideal for system administrators who want to learn how to use commands and configure kernel execution parameters. It is a 30-hour training with practical vision and a workshop designed to face all the official tests and exams.

Red Hat Openshift 4 Workshop
: our flagship course in 2020 with more than 30 editions worldwide.

All our courses are characterized by providing quality content and imparting really useful knowledge based on real projects that SiXe Ingeniería has implemented with global clients. That’s what sets us apart from others.

Add to this the fact that our formations are not affected by the distribution of your choice. It doesn’t matter if you use OpenSUSE, Red Hat Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS or more. You can choose the one you prefer, and our courses will remain just as useful. This is because at SiXe we adapt our courses to cover all common versions and practices.

In addition to the aforementioned Linux trainings, it is also possible to obtain a specific certification on IBM through its official Linux courses for IBM Z (Mainframe) systems, SAP HANA deployment, basic linux management, and Linux for UNIX administrators

3. You’ll learn how to master Red Hat and SUSE

At SiXe Ingeniería we work in partnership with the main exponents of the sector. One of the most relevant is Red Hat. This compiler and distributor has been offering open source solutions to international organizations for nearly three decades.

Most importantly, Linux certification courses issued by Red Hat are increasingly quoted. This is precisely due to the business trend of implementing Open Source solutions, among which Red Hat Enterprise Linux stands out.

For its part, SUSE is another of the companies of which we are Business Partner and a leading Open Source distributor in the world of open source. Proof of this is that by 2020, even with the pandemic, it raised its revenue figure by 14%. One of its most popular systems, SUSE Linux Enterprise, stands out for its functionality, intuitive desktops and a host of built-in applications.

And as mentioned earlier, with our intensive Linux course for engineers it is possible to prepare for Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), SUSE Certified Engineer and Linux Foundation Certified Engineer certificates.

4. Courses are taught by experienced instructors

All our trainings are taught by professionals. The absence of intermediaries helps us to ensure a homogeneous line, without loss of quality or mismatches in the matter.

All teaching is part of our work and experience. Such is the case of Red Hat courses and SUSE courses, which synthesize the result of hundreds of hours of experience in consulting and providing systems-related services.

5. You can benefit from our additional services

SiXe is not only dedicated to providing training, it also offers consulting and maintenance services in all types of systems. Therefore, studying with us opens the doors to other features.

In this way, your company will not only benefit from the training we offer, but also from our additional services. This includes solutions for Data Center and cybersecurity solutions. In the latter aspect, it should be noted that we are associated with the National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE), which guarantees the quality of our contributions.

Get your Linux certification with us

In short, we can conclude that there are compelling reasons to strengthen your Linux knowledge. It is a fact that the projections of this operating system are quite optimistic, especially in the corporate area.

The interest of companies in the distributions of this operating system, the great security they offer when it comes to preventing computer attacks and their versatility make receiving certifications on Linux more necessary than ever.

Of course, for teaching to be effective, it is important that these trainings are solvent, that they offer quality material and that they are taught by experienced personal instructors. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at SiXe. If you are interested in our
courses, please
contact us.

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