Get certified at IBM Infosphere DataStage, Optim, Information Server and Governance Catalog

IBM InfoSphere is an ecosystem that has a comprehensive set of tools to efficiently manage a data integration project. If your company is currently using such products in the management of its IT assets or is in the process of implementing them, you need to learn how they work. In this article we will talk about 4 widely used tools in the context of business intelligence and tell you how to get the official IBM certifications. Let’s start.

IBM DataStage

This solution enables you to extract, modify, and export all kinds of data sources, including enterprise applications, indexed and sequential files, mainframe and relational databases, and external sources.

It has two operating modes:

ETL. This is the acronym for Extract, Transform and Load. The software is installed on a server or on different terminals, from where it extracts and processes data from various sources.

Design and supervision. Through its graphical interface, it proceeds to the creation and monitoring of ETL processes and the management of the corresponding metadata.

IBM DataStage is ideal for companies that need to deploy and manage a Data Mart or Dara WareHouse datastore. Its main functions are related to the handling of large amounts of data. With this tool, you can apply validation rules, adopt a parallel and scalable type of processing, perform multiple integrations and complex transformations, use metadata to perform analysis and maintenance tasks.

If you’re a project administrator or ETL developer, our IBM InfoSphere DataStage Essentials course is just what you need to acquire the necessary skills. Datastage certification will teach you how to generate parallel jobs in order to access relational and sequential data at the same time, and to master the functions that allow you to modify and integrate them, as needed.

Infosphere Information Server

It is a scalable platform that supports data from a variety of sources designed to handle any volume of data, regardless of its size. This is made possible by its MPP functions, an acronym for Massively Parallel Processing.

Information Server is the most effective solution for companies looking for flexibility in integrating their most critical data. It is an effective business intelligence technology using data and point-of-impact analytics, big data, and master data management techniques.

With Datastage formation, you can locate and integrate your data across multiple systems, both on-premises and across the cloud, and establish a single business language to manage information. In addition, it will help you gain a greater understanding of your IT assets by analyzing rules and improving integration with other specialized data management products.

Our IBM InfoSphere Information Server Administrative Tasks course is a good introduction for administrators of this platform who need to assume the administrative roles that are required to support users and developers.

The Datastage course, taught by SiXe Engineering, begins with an essential description of Information Server and its related products. Datastage training then goes on to detail the activities you’ll need to take on, including reporting and user management.

IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog

With this interactive web-based tool, you’ll increase your organization’s ability to create and manage a powerful control plan for the most important data. To achieve this goal, you’ll need to define mandatory policies that need to be followed to store, structure, move, and transform information. In this way, you will be able to obtain reliable results that can be used in different integration projects.

IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog supports the latest business intelligence techniques, including lifecycle management, privacy and security initiatives, big data integration, and master data management.

Its broad possibilities will allow you to define a common language within your company when it comes to handling data from different sources and correctly managing information architectures. At the same time, this tool will help you gain a full understanding of how data connects to each other and track how information flows and changes.

If you have some experience with Information Server or IBM InfoSphere MDM and want to learn how to use this tool, the New Features in IBM InfoSphere Data Integration and Governance course is your best choice.

IBM infosphere training lets you learn about the latest features when it comes to data integration or governance within the IBM InfoSphere ecosystem.

InfoSphere Optim

This application is designed to archive transaction history and disused application data and allows you to make queries in a way that allows you to fully comply with information retention regulations.

With this solution, your data will be present in all applications, databases, operating systems and computers where it is required. This way, your test environments will be safe and your release cycles will be shorter and cheaper.

This tool will also help you manage the growth of your data and the reduction of your total cost of ownership (TCO). This will help increase the business value of your information stores.

The courses taught by SiXe Engineering related to the products and components of the IBM InfoSphere suite will help administrators and developers learn to master this tool. This is the case with the Datastage certification and the Infosphere Data Architect course. We also taught the rest of
IBM’s official course catalog.

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