End of support for IBM Power 8, V7000, V5000, AIX 7.1 and IBM 7.1 What do we do?

The challenge of end-of-support and end-of-life products

With the announcement of the end of support for IBM Power 8, V7000, V5000, AIX 7.1, and IBM i 7.1, many companies face uncertainty about how to maintain their critical operations. This scenario presents a significant challenge in terms of IT infrastructure, software lifecycle management and, above all, budget.

SIXE’s comprehensive solution

At SIXE Ingeniería, with our extensive experience in IBM systems, we offer customized solutions to overcome these challenges, starting with a free, no-obligation audit of your current systems. Spoiler: we are not always going to try to sell you or recommend a new machine or system.

Obsolescence? Yes and no!

The fact that servers end their life cycle after 10 years does not mean that they stop working, nor that we necessarily need to buy new ones. With good preventive maintenance and adequate contingency policies (backup systems, spare parts, high availability) the life cycle can be extended for a few more years, always aligned with the licensing, availability and performance needs that we audit at the beginning of each project.

Design and migration to new systems (Power10, Flash System, etc.)

Sooner or later, at once or in several phases, it will be time to migrate (Power8 to Power10, V7000 to FS7300, etc). Migration to new environments while maintaining full compatibility with our customers’ applications, databases and processes is a key project. SIXE Ingeniería will assist and accompany you in this process, ensuring a seamless transition with maximum efficiency. In the process, we will help you save a lot of money on licenses and put in place a new infrastructure that will last 5 or 10 years more. Always avoiding the most common mistakes in hardware upgrades.

Consolidation of existing systems

With the new generations of IBM servers and enclosures, we will reduce the footprint in the data center by requiring fewer systems, less power and less space to do the same things. We will help you to consolidate the environments and achieve a smooth utilization of more than 80% performance. Something that in the case of servers
we always achieve with Power10

Lifecycle Extension: IBM technical support and preventive maintenance

Regardless of the life cycle of the machines and their software, SIXE Ingeniería provides technical support and preventive maintenance, thus prolonging the useful life of the systems and ensuring their optimal operation. We believe in the right to repair, but we prefer that good preventive maintenance avoids having to do so.

License Compliance: IBM License Audits

A crucial aspect is license compliance. SIXE Ingeniería offers the following serviceslicense audits IBM, ensuring that companies comply with all legal requirements and avoid risks associated with manufacturer audits.


The end of support for IBM Power 8, V7000, V5000, AIX 7.1 and IBM i 7.1 does not have to be a path to obsolescence. With SIXE Ingeniería’s expertise and services, our clients can surf these changes with confidence and ensure a solid and sustainable technological future. All this with a predictable and contained cost 3, 5, 7 or 10 years ahead.

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