Migrate to SAP HANA, 2027 is here. Tips and recommendations.

What does IBM Power10 for SAP HANA bring us?

Imagine a world where SAP HANA and IBM Power10 come together, like Batman and Robin in the world of technology. IBM Power is not just a server; it’s like a superhero of efficiency and security. What if I told you that running SAP HANA on IBM Power10 is like trading a bicycle for a rocket? It’s often true and we can prove it with performance metrics!

Why choose IBM Power10 for SAP HANA?

Well, here comes the dilemma. Some say that switching to IBM Power10 is like trying to teach your grandfather how to use TikTok. But did you know that SAP HANA runs best on IBM Power10, especially with operating systems like SUSE and Red Hat Linux? It’s as if these operating systems were designed with Power10 in mind. The reason? Superior performance, unmatched security and energy efficiency that would make traditional x86-based servers blush.

Frequently Asked Questions about SAP HANA and IBM Power10

Is it Difficult to Migrate to IBM Power10 for SAP HANA?

Migrating to SAP HANA on IBM Power10 is easier than you think, and the benefits are enormous. Imagine better performance, greater safety and energy savings. SAP, Red Hat and SUSE all have the same packages for Power (ppc64le) as x86. Your system administrators and SAP environment administrators will not notice any difference. The HW is different, but only for the better. Well configured by our specialists, it does not fail, does not give performance problems and is very secure. Oh, and the administration is graphical and simple.

What are the Benefits of Using SUSE and Red Hat Linux on IBM Power10?

Here’s the secret sauce! Both SUSE and Red Hat Linux fit IBM Power10 like a glove. These operating systems take advantage of Power10’s unique capabilities, because they have been running on Power for many, many years. In fact, it is the only architecture supported for deploying multiple productive and non-productive environments on the same systems.

Conclusion: The winning combination for SAP HANA is IBM Power10.

In short, migrating to SAP HANA on IBM Power10 on your favorite Linux distribution is a natural choice. With SUSE and Red Hat Linux, this platform becomes an oasis of performance and reliability. And well, everything that is not migrated to HANA can continue to run for many years smoothly and securely on AIX. Don’t get left behind and join the IBM Power10 and SAP HANA revolution!

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