Five things to know about our lab services

If your company needs technical help successfully completing its data center infrastructure and services projects, you’ve come to the right place.
Our deployment services and systems lab
help organizations around the world deploy the basic components of the next-generation IT infrastructure, from servers to storage systems and software.

Through short consulting, training, or service contracts, we help IBM, Lenovo, SUSE, and Red Hat customers and partners implement, optimize, and acquire the skills needed to get the most out of new private, public, cognitiveinfrastructure, and critical environments solutions in general. Our consultants bring great IT expertise as well as key insights to help companies get the most out of their technology investments.

All our services are provided either virtually or on-site anywhere in the world.

If you have never worked with our professional services here are five key points you should know about us:

1. We offer all your technical expertise.

We are a global team of technical consultants with experience in IBM Power Systems, IBM Storage and Lenovo as well as AI, cloud and security. Our teams leverage deep technical knowledge, along with proven tools and methodologies over many years and hundreds of projects.

Whether your organization is looking to deploy high-performance servers for multi-cloud, AI, blockchain, and analytics initiatives; secure your data with defined physical and software storage solutions; or maximize your infrastructure investments with software to help you accelerate workloads and simplify management, we can help.

2. We design new solutions together with our customers and technology partners

We are committed to a cooperation strategy to develop new business models, products and services. We collaborate with your organization, product development teams, and other companies that also provide services to your organization to design and deliver the innovative solution your business needs to win and grow in the market.

Together, following an agile approach, we evaluate your current environment and needs, define a roadmap, and design and implement the most valuable solution for and with you, so that in the end your team is fully trained to manage the environment and solution.

3. We help our customers acquire new skills that allow them to be prepared for the future.

Whether you’re migrating to new hardware, adopting AI storage solutions, or designing a multi-cloud infrastructure for enterprise transactions, not only addressing the current challenge, but we also transfer skills and knowledge to your team.

Skill transfer is a key component of our engagement model that helps ensure our customers have the competition to manage their solutions in the future.

4. We offer technical training.

Our courses and workshops take place around the world throughout the year to provide training to customers and partners. We regularly offer specific and comprehensive training sessions conducted by engineers, developers, or experts on our favorite IBM, Lenovo, Red Hat, and SUSE products to help our customers and partners learn, grow, and connect with developers, industry leaders, and executives from the companies we work with.

5. We help our customers adopt state-of-the-art hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence solutions.

We’ve helped many customers design multi-cloud hybrid infrastructures and deploy AI enterprise applications. We understand the challenges customers face around the hybrid cloud, and we can serve as trusted advisors at any stage of the journey to the cloud – from design to management and optimization. This includes support to help businesses move applications to the cloud more easily and, above all, securely.



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